Academic Departments
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Academic Departments

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About Departments

Departments allow institutions a way to organize degrees, classes, faculty and staff into smaller units. They can also be used to govern access to class rosters.

Departments are added in STParm Maintenance using parameter code XXACDP.

After making adjustments, run the Refresh Data Cache by navigating to Admin > Refresh Data Cache and clicking reload data to see the change immediately.


Individuals can optionally be set as chairpersons. Individuals set as chairpersons can only access the department(s) associated with them. There is no permission option that overrides this function.

Set an individual as chairperson

  1. Navigate to the individual
  2. Navigate to Main Menu > Person Selected > Faculty Info
  3. Set Chairperson as C – Chairperson
  4. In the Department drop down, choose the department
  5. Click Save

Multiple Department Maintenance

To associate an individual with multiple departments (and allow roster access to them), use multiple department maintenance.

  1. Navigate to Registrar > Multiple Department Maintenance
  2. Click New Record
  3. In the Id Number drop down, select the chairperson to associate with multiple departments
  4. In the department drop downs, select the departments to grant access
  5. Click Create

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