Admissions Module Overview
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    Admissions Module Overview

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    Admissions Module Overview

    The Campus Café admissions module is comprised of the following main components:

    • Portals: The Inquiry Portal allows prospects to inquire without logging in.  The Application Portal allows prospects to apply online.  The Applicant Status Portal allows prospects to check their application status.
    • Prospect/Applicant Finder allows an administrator to find prospects for additional processing, workflow management, mailing, emailing, and exporting.
    • Common Application Upload module allows for uploading of application electronically.
    • SAT/Scores allows batch upload of scores from multiple sources.
    • Completed Application process and missing documents processing
    • Holding Table allows administrator to adjudicate possible duplicate inquiries/applications.
    • Application processing allows changing of applicant progress and generates all associated decision letters.
    • Inquiry/Application Portal Configuration allows creation of multiple portal pages.
    • Reporting Base Reports supplied with Campus Café and key reporting scenarios.
    • Schools module allows for adding new schools
    • Workflow and Mail Merge allows tracking of workflow at the staff level and automated emailing.

    Here is a typical scenario for a traditional on campus admissions process. There many other scenarios and processes that can be set up simultaneously for different types of prospects and recruiting.  Our sample prospect is Karen Holbrook.

    1. Karen inquires on 9/15 through the inquiry portal.  She is interested in pursuing Nursing as a major and is also interested in playing soccer.  Her record is created in the system.
    2. Mail flows and workflows are triggered during the inquiry and she receives mailings specific to her request.  Since she has indicated an interest in soccer, a workflow is also created and assigned to the soccer coach Gloria Kickham, to make a phone call to Karen in two weeks.
    3. On 9/29, coach Kickham calls Karen and arranges to see her play in a game.
    4. Karen applies on 11/15 through the application portal or Common Application.
    5. Workflows are triggered by the applications and she receives an acknowledgement.
    6. Required missing item workflows are triggered specific to her program.
    7. Karen checks the applicant status portal and sees that her application is missing several documents and her SAT scores.
    8. Karen uploads the remaining documents.
    9. Karen’s SAT scores are uploaded electronically through the batch upload process.
    10. The application is automatically marked completed because all of her documents and required scores have been received.
    11. Karen’s completed file is now reviewed by the admissions office and she is accepted on 12/15.
    12. The administrator uses the applicant page to change her progress code to accepted status and also uses the decision code to indicate a regular acceptance.
    13. The decision code triggers an acceptance workflow and the appropriate acceptance letter is generated.  
    14. After receiving a couple of mailings from the acceptance workflow, Karen deposits for the fall on 12/30.

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