Bill Group of Students from Student Finder
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Bill Group of Students from Student Finder

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About Billing a Group of Students from the Student Finder

Campus Cafe supports adding a charge to a group of students outside of the normal billing rules. For example, you may wish to assess graduating seniors a Commencement charge. 

The charge must be set up as a transaction code prior to assessing.

Add Charges

  1. Navigate to the Student Finder
  2. Use the filters to return the desired population of students
  3. Ensure the desired students are checked
  4. Click the + Add Fees button
  5. Choose For All or For Page
  6. A new screen appears
  7. In the Billing Semester drop down, choose the semester to apply the charge
  8. In the Transaction Code, choose the transaction code
  9. In the Charge Frequency, optionally choose the frequency
  10. In the Billing Amount enter the charge amount
  11. Click Submit
  12. The charges will be moved to the Bill Batch for posting

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