Apply Student-Specific Billing Rule
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    Apply Student-Specific Billing Rule

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    About Applying Student-Specific Billing Rule

    Student-specific custom rules are applied to broader Billing Charges, specifically by selecting the rule in the Rule Code dropdown. An overall billing rule with a student-specific billing rule code selected will apply only to students with that billing rule code. Rules may be applied to individual students or in batch using the Student Finder.

    Apply Student-Specific Billing Rule Individually

    1. Navigate to the student
    2. Click the Sessions tab then Sessions
    3. Next to the semester for which to apply the rule, click the pencil (if the semester does not exist, in Target Semester choose the semester and click Add)
    4. In the Billing Rule Code select the rule
    5. Click Save

    Apply Student-Specific Billing Rule to Group of Students

    Permission #2018 is required to access this function. Permission #673 is required to run the process.

    Billing rule codes will be applied only to students with student session data for the semester selected. Student session data is created when a student is registered for a class or, when an administrator manually creates a student's session data or when an administrator copies the session data in batch from another semester.

    1. Navigate to Filters > Students
    2. Return the desired population of students (Tip: As an alternative to the filters, you may upload a list of IDs by clicking Browse, selecting your file then clicking Add Ids to Filter)
    3. Click +Billing Rule
    4. On the Billing Semester dropdown select the semester in which to apply the rule
    5. In the Billing Rule dropdown select the billing rule code
    6. Click Submit
    7. The system will return a list of student(s) for which the billing rule code was applied and for those which it could not apply a billing rule code. For students where a billing rule already exists the system presents a checkbox for each student. To override the existing rule, check the checkbox(s) for the student(s) to override and click Re-submit

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