AR Aging Process & Report
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AR Aging Process & Report

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About the Accounts Receivable (AR) Aging Processor

Accounts receivable aging is a periodic process that categorizes the institution's accounts receivable by the length of time student invoices have been outstanding. The Campus Cafe process creates the data necessary to run the AR Aging Report, which helps institutions understand how quickly students are paying outstanding balances.

Run the AR Aging Processor

Permission #388 to is required to access this function.

  1. Navigate to Student Financials > AR Aging Processor
    Cutoff Date: All outstanding charges as of this date
    Cutoff Semester: All outstanding charges associated with terms beyond this term will be excluded
    Use Enroll/Course Date for Aging: If checked, the balance date will be determined using the enrollment date rather than the billed date. If the enrollment date is blank, the course start date is used provided it exists.
    Exclude Semesters: Balances from additional semesters to exclude
  2. Click Submit

Produce the AR Aging Report

  1. Navigate to Faculty/Staff > Base Reports
  2. Log in to Base Reports
  3. Click Billing and Accounts Receivable
  4. Click AR Aging
  5. Set the desired parameters of the report
  6. Click View Report
    Tip: The report may be exported to Excel or other program by clicking the blue disk icon

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