Assign Housing
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Assign Housing

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About Housing Assignment

Assigning housing to students is accomplished at the individual student level. Individual dorm rooms must be established prior to assigning housing.

Assign Housing

  1. Navigate to the student
  2. Navigate to Person Selected > Session Data
  3. Next to the semester in which to assign housing, click the pencil. If no semester exists, in the Target Semester drop down choose the semester and click Add. At a minimum, the below fields should be specified.
    Resident Code: Select R Boarder
    Change Dorm & Room: Select the dorm room
    The below fields provide additional optional information about the residence
    Box#:The student's mailbox number
    Box Suffix: The student's mailbox suffix
    Voicemail: The student's institution issued voicemail extension
    Locker #: The student's locker number
    Dorm Bed #: The specific bed number occupied by the student
    Room: Displays current room assignment
  4. Click Save

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