Batch Enrollment Registration and Grade Import
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Batch Enrollment Registration and Grade Import

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About Batch Enrollment Registration and Grade Import

Campus Cafe provides two methods to enroll a group of student into a class(es). One method is to use the Student Finder to capture a population of students based on criteria or an uploaded list of student ID numbers. The second method is to upload a spreadsheet of enrollments.

Batch Enrollment Using Student Finder

A population of students in the Student Finder may be registered for a single class or group of classes. For a group of classes, all classes, must be in the same semester and have the same section number. For example, you could register a population of freshmen for MTH 101 Section 1, COM 100 Section 1 and ART 108 Section 1. However, you could not register the freshmen for MTH 101 Section 1, COM 100 Section 4 and ART 108 Section 7 all at once because each course has a difference section number. You could, however, register the freshmen for MTH 101 then COM 100 and then ART 108 in three separate enrollments.

The batch enrollment process will always respect seat limits regardless of the user’s permission.

  1. Navigate to Student Finder
  2. Use the filters to select your population. The Add IDs to filter feature allows an upload of a .csv file containing ID numbers in the first column. The IDs will then populate the Finder. This can be helpful if the list of students to enroll does not follow a defined pattern, but the list is available in a document.
  3. Check the selected checkbox next to all students to enroll
  4. Click the + Enroll button
  5. Click For Page to enroll only those students selected on the current page or results or click For All to enroll all students selected among all results
  6. A pop up will appear
  7. In the Course Semester box, choose the semester corresponding to the course(s) for which to register the students
  8. In the Course Section box, enter the section number of the course(s)
  9. In the Degree Level box, optionally choose what degree level to associate the enrollment
  10. In the Course 1 box enter the course code exactly as it appears on the schedule of classes
  11. Add additional classes in the Course 2-10 boxes. For additional courses click the + button
  12. Click Submit
  13. Confirm you wish to enroll
  14. Wait for the process to complete and review any error messages

Batch Enrollment and Final Grade Update From Spreadsheet

Enrollments and/or final course grades may be imported by uploading a spreadsheet containing ID numbers and classes.

This process will not create student session rows, which is required for students to register. Prior to uploading enrollments via a spreadsheet, ensure all students have session rows. See documentation on how to create them individually by student or in batch.
This process will overwrite any existing final course grades.
  1. Using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or another spreadsheet software, create a a spreadsheet that must contain the following columns in order: ID_NUMBER, COURSE_NUMBER, COURSE_SECTION, CURRENT_SEMESTER, ENROLLMENT_DATE, BILLING_SITE, ENR_SPONSOR_ID, DEGREE_LEVEL, FINAL_GRADE, WITHDRAWAL_DATE. Save the file in .xlsx or .xls format. A sample template is attached to this article.
    ID_NUMBER: The student's Campus Cafe ID number. Required
    COURSE_NUMBER: The complete subject code and catalog number exactly as it appears in Campus Cafe. (e.g. MTH101) for which to register the student. Required
    COURSE_SECTION: The section of the course for which to register the student. Required
    CURRENT_SEMESTER: The Campus Cafe numerical code identifying the semester of the course (e.g. 202110). Required
    ENROLLMENT_DATE: The Start Date Override for the enrollment. Must be in CCCCMMDD format. (e.g. 20210504 for May 4, 2021) Optional.
    BILLING_SITE: The Campus Cafe numerical code associated with the class billing site. (e.g. 2) Optional
    ENR_SPONSOR_ID: The Campus Cafe ID number of the class sponsor. Optional
    DEGREE_LEVEL: The numerical code for the degree (study) level associated with the enrollment. (e.g. 2). If left blank, system will use degree level corresponding with the student's current degree row. Optional
    FINAL_GRADE: The final course grade. The grade must exist in quality points. Optional
    WITHDRAWAL_DATE: The date the student withdrew from the course. Must be in CCCCMMDD format. (e.g. 20210504 for May 4, 2021) Optional.
  2. Navigate to Registrar > Batch Enrollment and Final Grade Upload From Spreadsheet
  3. Click Browse
  4. Select the file on your computer
  5. Click Submit

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