Bill Upload from Spreadsheet
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    Bill Upload from Spreadsheet

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    About Bill Upload from Spreadsheet

    The bill upload from spreadsheet allows the import of a spreadsheet that contains charges or debits to student accounts. The charges or debits will be placed in the bill batch for application to student ledgers.

    Prepare the File

    1. Using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or another spreadsheet software, create a a spreadsheet that must contain the following columns in order: ID or SSN, BILL_SEM, BILL_CODE, DESCRIPTION and AMOUNT. Save the file in .xlsx, .xls or .csv format. A sample template is attached to this article.
      ID or SSN: The student's Campus Cafe ID number or the Social Security Number (do not include dashes or spaces). Required.
      BILL_SEM: The numeric code associated with a Campus Cafe semester in which to apply the payment (e.g. 202110). Optional.
      BILL_CODE: The transaction code to associate with the payment (e.g. TUITION). Required.
      DESCRIPTION: Free-form text associated with the charge that will show on the student's ledger next to the bill code. Optional.
      AMOUNT: The numeric value of the payment; may indicate a negative number by preceding the number with a -. Two positions after the decimal are supported. Required.
    2. Each row should contain a single cash transaction. The same student may have multiple transactions in the same file.
    3. Save the file to your computer

    Upload the File

    Permission #1135 is required to access this function.

    1. Navigate to Student Financials > Bill Upload from Spreadsheet
    2. Click Browse
    3. Locate the file you created earlier
    4. Click Submit
    5. Rows with invalid information (e.g. a non-existent ID number or transaction code) will appear with an error and the row number of the invalid transaction. Note that the row number does not count the header row. For example, if Campus Cafe returns an error on row 25, it is the transaction that appears on your spreadsheet is in row 26.
      Charges without errors will be transferred to bill batch for posting

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