Monthly Release Notes
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Monthly Release Notes

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About Monthly Release Notes

Campus Cafe continually deploys new versions of its platform with enhancements to the platform. Below provides an ongoing list of updates to the platform. For notes prior to this calendar year, visit Archived Monthly Release Notes.

Release Schedule

Campus Cafe typically deploys new versions throughout the first week of each month to cloud customer. No action on behalf of the customer is required. The platform will be unavailable for roughly 15 minutes during the upgrade. For on-premise customers, Campus Cafe provides notification with directions on obtaining the latest version.

Version Updates

Version: February (Expected Release Date: 3/5/23-3/10/23)

Fixed an issue when Custom Control setting TRANS_PDF 1-5 is set to 'Y,' the transcript activity tracking feature wasn't assigning the tracking to student's record
AcademicBugDEV-860Fixed Registration page elements from being blocked By X-Frame_options denial

AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-841Added new fields to duplicate holding table: ID number column, Cell phone number, Form Name, Date of Inquiry record
Holding Table
AdmissionsBugDEV-815Application Status link has been added back to admissions menu
AdmissionsBugDEV-813Fixed an issue on the application where if a customized major name was used in an application, triggerable text fields may not show up

AdmissionsBugDEV-830Fixed an issue where the application Detail Page would not update/save data when a student had a certain organizational relationships

AdmissionsBugDEV-798Fixed an issue where activities were still showing up on the dashboard even though the progress code of the student was not valid to show up, set on the workflow detail page for those activities
AccountingChangeDEV-711A/P Control has now been moved off the client to the Web

Added Geofencing to mobile Attendance App by course site
Self Service Attendance
Financial AidBugDEV-802Fixed issue where Sub loan packaging was not properly taking some need reducing aid into the calculation

Financial AidBugDEV-799All date fields on Disbursement Roster will now sort correctly
Disbursement Notifications
Financial AidChangeDEV-801Financial aid acceptance is now only cleared on increase of aid, and does not clear on a decrease
Student Financing Review and Acceptance
Financial AidBug
Fixed an issue where the COD Documents/PLUS Loan Application detail popup to delete a batch was being cut off screen

Financial AidBugDEV-845GFAS Link is now showing properly under student financials menu
Global Financial Aid Solutions
Student Financials
Added New permissions 1263 & 1264 control whether the billing statement displays the sponsored billing transactions at the bottom.
Billing Statement Design
Student Financials
Added ability to remove the E-Check button for both Admins looking at a student, and the student doing self-service payments with Custom Control/MSPARM
WEBPAYMENT 3-2 set to N (Payment Processor)
Student FinancialsBugDEV-771Billing Payment Page no longer hides the previous balance

Student FinancialsBugDEV-743Changing date on A/R Ledger will now properly change the date on both sides of the transactions
Student A/R Ledger
Student FinancialsBugDEV-769Fixed issue where a bill batch would not post if the member contains a “#” sign
Bill Batch
Student FinancialsBugDEV-826/
Fixed an issue where the Printed version of the billing statement margins were being shifted over to the right
Billing Statement Design
Student FinancialsBugDEV-850Fixed issue where Student Refund Batch was not uploading if a user had multiple periods in the file name
Student Refunds
BugSP-1049Home/Logo button has returned to the menu

SystemBugDEV-816Fixed issue where menu kept popping up after page refresh as well as the shifting of links

SystemBugDEV-827Fixed issue where the search bar on mobile devices was hidden

SystemBugDEV-849Fixed issue where user search would cause a tomcat process error

SystemBugDEV-858Fixed an issue where the Registration Hold notification text was preventing links from being clicked.

SystemBugSP-1356Fixed an issue where menu subcategory title's were being shown when there were no links showing

SystemBugDEV-763Fixed issue where comment field in App Status pages were being hidden on certain screen scaling settings

Third-Party Integration
BugDEV-688Fixed an issue with Brightspace assignment course handing overlaying the earned date even if no earned points were assigned
Brightspace (LMS)
Third-Party Integration
BugDEV-856Fixed 3rd party web hook issue that was allowing http, which would cause connections to break, and now forces https integrate properly

Workflows, Activities and Database Triggers

Version: January (Expected Release Date: 2/5/23-2/10/23)

New Year, New Menu!
With the January update to Campus Cafe comes a brand new Menu.  Many of our customers have been asking for a redesign to more easily find the different pages to navigate the system.

Although this will be an adjustment for all users as the location for many of the links may have changed, the options have now been appropriately categorized into appropriate sub-headings.

A user may also contract the menu option titles by default; with mouse-over the menu will auto expand.

Note For On-Premise Customers:
With this Release you must upgrade your servers to use Java version 11 or greater to take advantage of newer security measures. On Premise Customers must update in order to prevent any lapse in service.

Download link for appropriate version: Download

Cloud customers do not need to adjust any settings as their instances have already been upgraded
NEW Ticket System Alert!
We will transition our ticketing system from Fogbugz to the JIRA Service Platform for tickets. All emailing notifications for submitted tickets will come from the new system.
If a user logs into Fogbugz as a community user to correspond with a submitted ticket, we will no longer be notified. 
Please be sure to make all correspondence through the new JIRA portal or through emailing .

The new system will allow you to login and track the tickets that you have submitted and review the current status of those tickets.
You will also receive notifications on the status of those tickets including when those tickets are resolved.
Below is the link to the new Help Desk Portal. Here, you can submit a ticket and/or create a portal account:
To submit a ticket through the portal start by clicking on the "Campus Cafe Support" as shown here:

Please note: In this transition phase, we will still retain Fogbugz for reference in order to make sure the details of your issues are not lost. However, when viewing the transitioned tickets in the JIRA system you may or may not see the entire conversation thread of current Fogbugz tickets.
Fixed issue When permissions 457 under Student is set to NA, it was still allowing a user to view the deficiency and final grades.
AcademicBugDEV-770Fixed the Batch Drop All function to maintain withdraws and final letter grades
Batch Drop
Add back in the old-style Gradebook Calculation algorithm as an option for some institutions who are using a mixed max points grade set MSParm/Custom Control GRDBK_AVG2-1-2=Y
Gradebook Maintenance
AdmissionsBugDEV-719Resolved issue where phone numbers were not uploading in common app upload process
Set up Common Application
AdmissionsBugDEV-751Fixed an issue where the admissions residency and progress code was not able to be changedApplicant Detail (Change Admissions Progress Code)
AdmissionsBugDEV-785Prevented change of admissions portal name after it has been used to prevent students' admissions records from being disconnected from a portal form
Admissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up
AdmissionsBugDEV-788Resolved issue where an extra degree record was being created when a progress code change took place
Applicant Detail (Change Admissions Progress Code)
Added Cash Disbursement ACH fields to the GL Fund Detail interface. 
General Ledger Funds

Fixed the issue where the saved Titles & Descriptions in the GL Fund Detail would not appear after a new one was saved.

General Ledger Funds
Student FinancialsBugDEV-735
Resolved issue where the billing statement sorting by date and semester was not properly sorting
View Student Billing Statement
Student FinancialsBugDEV-791Resolved an issue where a student's statement would not load if a transaction had a blank description field
Student A/R Ledger
EnhancementFB55972Complete new Menu Redesign UI Format has been releasedMain Menu Permissions
Fixed issue with the student search bar producing an error while on various pages

Fixed issue that showed a rejected file type error when uploading student images when the file uploaded successfully

SystemBugDEV-782Fixed an issue where in certain cases the "Require password change" flag was selected for an account, the user wasn't required to change the password
Workflows, Activities and Database Triggers
Expand Retention Field in Workflow Detail to 3 characters to allow for more than 2 digit adjustments
Creating Workflows
Workflows, Activities and Database Triggers
BugDEV-756Fixed an issue where student's were unable to see their activities on their profile even though permissions were set correctly
Workflows, Activities and Database Triggers
Fixed an error that would occur when an activity tracking template would have a comma in its name; and also added prevention of commas being added to activity tracking names
Creating Activities

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