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    Monthly Release Notes

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    Article summary

    About Monthly Release Notes

    Campus Cafe continually deploys new versions of its platform with enhancements to the platform. Below provides an ongoing list of updates to the platform. For notes prior to this calendar year, visit Archived Monthly Release Notes.

    Release Schedule

    Campus Cafe typically deploys new versions throughout the first week of each month to cloud customer. No action on behalf of the customer is required. The platform will be unavailable for roughly 15 minutes during the upgrade. For on-premise customers, Campus Cafe provides notification with directions on obtaining the latest version.

    Version Updates

    User Account Level SMTP Email Authentication will be Required by October to Send Emails from Campus Cafe
    Documentation Translation Added:
    At the bottom of each page in the documentation website, you can use the now integrated Google Translate function to translate the page to hundreds of different languages

    Version: February (Expected Release Date: 3/4/24-3/8/24)

    New Knowledge Base
    This month we will be switching to a new knowledge base and can be found at the following link: Knowledge Base - Campus Cafe (
    This knowledge base will connect with our ticket system to provide suggestions while submitting a ticket through the customer service portal, as well as, providing quick links to the documentation inside a ticket.

    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1662Added Transcript Format Override field to Major Maintenance to allow a specific Major code to print a different format from the Reg Control Default setting for clock or credit. Please note that this format override only obeys major one on the student's degree record.
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1659Added new permission 1274 that will restrict a faculty to only be able to input or change attendance for a student/course for future or past days.
    AcademicBugDEV-1653Fixed an issue where certain status codes were not being show on 2-column default transcript format.
    AcademicBugDEV-1450Fixed an issue where reverse degree audit was sometimes not showing Pre-Req Unmet flag.
    AcademicBugDEV-1665Fixed an issue where the "Export" buttons on the Sessions data grid was not exporting.
    AcademicChangeDEV-1655Added a more descriptive error message on course registration page when a sub-term is missing/inactive from the registration controls.
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1691Added Application Date and Applied Major to Activity Tracking Finder grid view.
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1656Fixed an issue where merging admissions duplicate holding record with a student would drop the relationship ID numbers and Names.
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1657Fixed an issue where round robin was not re-assigning counselors when the student re-applied with a "Y" Progress code already, and custom control is set to re-assign.
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1585Fixed an issue where application date was sometimes overwriting the original inquiry date when merging from the holding table.
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1697Fixed an error when attempting to delete a mapping on the Lead and Scores Upload page.
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1672Using the new Custom Controls/MSPARM under PAY_REMINDER, an upcoming payment plan reminder can now be automatically triggered based on the configured number of days out from the payments' scheduled date.Automated Payment Plan Reminder Emails
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1711Added Primary email address field to the billing batch grid
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1704Fixed an issue where students who were enrolled in only Zero credit courses were not being billed flat charges.
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1698Flipped the location of the Routing number and Checking Account number fields for e-checks to match the order on checks & bank statements.
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1545Updated UI, filtering, functionality, and clarity of billing statement with more information and "Make a Payment" options on the billing statement.

    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1343Increased efficiency of the student A/R Ledger page to prevent the page from loading slow or crashing when a student has many transactions.
    Third-Party IntegrationsBugSP-7941Fixed an issue on the Brightspace integration that was causing certain import files to not be processed due to Brightspace changing a naming convention.
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1627Updated Gift Cash Batch Listing page to the newer UI format.
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1596Updated Cash Batch Listing Page UI to the newer UI format.
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1671Updated Donations Page to be more mobile responsive.
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-1720Added metadata field to audit log to populate class data for absence reminder triggering.
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1686Quick Comment dropdown menu is now properly sorted alphabetically by visible workflow description and not the hidden workflow name.
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1676Fixed an issue where the queue results/cadence page would lock when completing an activity and progressing the next activity in the cadence queue.
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1687Fixed an issue where the first email from a multi-activity template was sending, but subsequent emails were not sending when the template was triggered by an admissions form.

    Version: January (Expected Release Date: 2/5/24-2/9/24)

    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1451Added new Custom Control/MSPARM GPASTYLE 1-3 to allow for truncating GPA to 2 decimals instead of rounding.
    AcademicBugDEV-1637Fixed an issue where cross listed courses would sometimes ignore the section number and link to the wrong section within a semester.
    AcademicChangeDEV-1622Remove the "LDA" field from the transcript format 5_1
    AcademicBugDEV-1620Batch Transcript process will now obey permission 295 to suppress tracking options.
    AcademicBugDEV-1608Fixed course rosters from breaking when a student had quotation marks in their name.
    AcademicBugDEV-1177Fixed an issue where waitlisting students removed from the list were not calculating properly into the course counts.
    AcademicBugDEV-1629Fixed an issue where repeated courses were not calculating correctly on some transcript formats.
    AcademicBugDEV-1635Fixed an issue where the Excel/Print action buttons were not working on the Faculty Dashboard.
    AcademicBugDEV-1654Increased the character limit on the Individual Plan of Studies to fix an issue where an error message appeared when saving when the name was too long.
    AcademicBugDEV-1665Fixed an issue where exporting the Session Date summary page would produce error messages when opening the file.
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1657Fixed an issue with the round robin functions where students were not being re-assigned if a student re-applied.
    General Ledger
    EnhancementDEV-1632Added search function to GL Codes Lookup.
    General Ledger
    BugDEV-1641Fixed an issue related to closing a Fiscal Year.
    Accounts PayableBugDEV-1634Fixed an issue where some ETF payments were not being processed through the ECSI payment integration.
    Accounts PayableBugDEV-1528Fixed an issue where AR Aging process was not taking sponsored billing into account.
    Alumni/DevelopmentEnhancementDEV-1478Added new Alumni/Development Gift Cash batch from spreadsheet process.
    Alumni/DevelopmentBugDEV-1606Fixed an issue where gift batches were sometimes doubling as a pledge.
    Financial AidEnhancementDEV-1641Added functionality where the save prompt will appear automatically when exporting a COD export file from the Disbursement Roster.
    ParentBugDEV-1599Fixed an issue where the Parent module had access to manual cash payments options when they should not have.
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1535Changed the Billing Statement date filter logic to be "Less/more than" to Less/more than or equal to" to include transactions as of the date filtered upon.
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1616For e-checks student names will be truncated at 22 characters to match's character limit.
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1626Fixed an issue with allowing an invalid sponsor ID number to be inserted in a cash batch detail.
    SystemChangeDEV-1647Added the ability to have dynamic HTML portal home pages based on student or faculty permission groups.  This means that you can have dynamically different HTML links, pictures, and visuals based on a users' permission group.  For example, an applied student could have a different portal page from an accepted or enrolled student based on their permission group.
    Third-Party IntegrationsEnhancementDEV-1604

    Brightspace import will now also import IsActive and LastAccessed into the database for future reporting.

    Third-Party IntegrationsChangeDEV-1615Added new Custom Control/MSPARM GFAS_START_DATE = Y to use the student's most recent enrollment course start date as the "B Date" for the Global Financial Aid integration.
    Third-Party IntegrationsBugDEV-1633Fixed an issue where open API leads were failing to send tracking emails when the lead's birthday field was missing.
    Third-Party IntegrationsBugDEV-1643Fixed an error issue when setting up reoccurring auto-debit payment plans through
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1623Fixed an issue where access to a student document portal was intermittent even if the permission was enabled.
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-1486Added support for Microsoft's shared inboxes for authenticated emailing processes.
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1607Fixed an issue where creating tracking items were producing an error on some inquiry accounts.

    Version: December (Expected Release Date: 1/8/24-1/12/24)

    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1487Added Custom Control/MSPARM to show/hide Credit Hours and Year of Graduation fields on the Printed Final Grade Report
    GRDCMTCRSE 1-5 = Ywill show the course credits on the PDF

    GRDCMTCRSE 1-4 = N will hide the graduation year on the PDF

    Mid-Term and Final Grade Reports
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1283Added the ability to show only the last 4 digits of the student's SSN on the transcript using Custom Control/MSPARM
    TRANS_SSN4 1-1 = Y will show last 4 digits of SSN on transcript
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1534Added new feature for Individual Plan of Study to allow for a flexible way to track a specific student's roadmap to completion. This feature can be used in addition to or a replacement in some situations to the degree audit systemSetting Up Individual Plan of Study

    Using Individual Plan of Study
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1566Added flag on Major Maintenance page to select which programs will not display the 2nd Core GPA on a student's transcriptCore Grade Point Average
    AcademicChangeDEV-1572Added restriction to semester/term date maintenance page that a start date cannot be placed after the end dateSemesters (Terms)
    AcademicBugDEV-1416Fixed an issue where course copy function was not copying the course Start and End dates properly when no site is selectedCopy Courses
    AcademicBugDEV-1364Fixed an issue where waitlisted courses were being calculated into the enrollment credit hour limits, blocking additional courses from being registeredStudent Self Service Registration
    AcademicBugDEV-1303Fixed an issue on transcript format CLOCK_CRED_SINGLE_COL_REDUCED_9_1 where non-graded courses were not showing "In Progress" flagTranscript
    AcademicBugDEV-1576Fixed an issue where absences were double calculating in some situations on the Printed Grade Report PDFMid-Term and Final Grade Reports
    AcademicBugDEV-1578Fixed an issue where certain repeated courses were double calculated in the cumulative GPA when they were set to not be includedTranscript
    AcademicBugDEV-1524Fixed issue where Transcript 9-1 was not showing re-entry date field in the headerTranscript
    AcademicBugDEV-1538Fixed an issue where if columns were adjusted on the student registration page, it would cause an errorStudent Self Service Registration
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1541Updated Application Completion status to be "Real-Time" upon submitted date completion of required admissions activities.  Audit logging has been added to be triggerableAssociating Activities with Individuals
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1537Added Alternate ID to common app upload processSet up Common Application
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1513Fixed an issue when clicking on the admissions funnel graphs on the admissions dashboard, the wrong students would be filtered upon until submit was clickedDashboards
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1525Fixed an issue where the inquiry/application descriptions in the dropdown list were mismatched if a form was created and then deletedAdmissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up 
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1477Fixed an issue where activities were not being removed from the activity finder and dashboards upon marking them as completedActivity Tracking
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1582Fixed an issue on application field customization where the field label was not savingAdmissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up 
    Alumni/DevelopmentEnhancementDEV-1539Added function to override "First Invoice Date" when adding a gift.  
    Also a user will now be prompted to create a constituent when adding a gift to an account that does not have an Alumni/Constituent Record
    Record Gift
    Alumni/DevelopmentBugDEV-978Prevented the ability to edit a Fund Type after it's been created to prevent mismatching transactionsAlumni & Development: Setup
    Financial AidEnhancementDEV-1270Added COD Disbursement Export Validation Check on the Disbursement Roster for students who do not have an MPN or Entrance Counseling on file(MPN and Counseling) Financial Aid Document Portal
    Financial AidEnhancementDEV-1247Added ability to import the new 2024-2025 ISIR format.  This does not include the PDF printing of the ISIR, which is scheduled for a later release.Auto Packaging & View ISIR
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1530Added the ability to display different headers on the printed billing statement based on a student's Session Billing Site Code for the Sites 1 through 10 in the Adjustable Text Maintenance configuration page.
    BILLING_HEADER - Default for all sites and default if no site for student is found
    Billing Statement Design
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1436Added payment plan dropdown option to "Student Payment Page" when adding a manual payment to the cash batchReceive Payment
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1579Added General Ledger Account number to Column Visibility on the Billing Batch pageBill Batch
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1397Added integration to create reoccurring auto-debit payment plans
    Prerequisite: Generate Signature Key and Webhook 
    Create Auto-Debit Payments Plans through Integration
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1522To be in compliance with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act's regulations surcharges will no longer apply to the e-check payment option for (Payment Processor)
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1563When a student pays with an e-check a dropdown for "Account type" is now available instead of a text (Payment Processor)
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1436Fixed an issue where a student's payment plan the cash batch was being automatically applied to debit/negative transactions and incorrect payment plans were being applied to some transactionsPayment Plans
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1439Fixed an issue on the "Delete Selected" function on the billing batch for selecting Financial Aid transactions where the financial aid module was not properly being un-disbursedBill Batch
    SystemEnhancementDEV-1508Added the ability to impersonate a user from their profile page without having to log into their account, and can be enabled with Permissions 1272 and 1273 under module 92Impersonate User
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1520Added flags for emails that are unauthenticated (missing password)SMTP Authenticated Emailing
    User InterfaceBugDEV-942Fixed a header padding issue on the applicant/student portal home page
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-1488Added the feature to show the number of clicks/views on an activity under the Activity Tracking data grid and can be included for an excel file export.Associating Activities with Individuals
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1560Fixed an issue where click tracking was not applying to some sent textsCreating Workflows
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1509Fixed an issue where activities were not being triggered properly when the activity constraint STBIOS.COUNSELOR was being used upon submission of an application/inquiry formCreating Activities
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1520Fixed an issue where Scheduled Emails from Queue result emails were being sent through Port 25 regardless if Port 578 being set as the default in Web App ConfigQueue Results
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1465Fixed an issue on activity tracking page where the horizontal scroll bar would sometimes not show on page loadActivity Tracking
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1554Fixed an issue when saving a scheduled text in a workflow, if the user does not input the “time sent” field, it always changing to A.M. automaticallyCreating Workflows
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1225Fixed an issue where the audit log would display "DELETED" when a document was attached to an activityAudit Log
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1580Fixed an issue when exporting the Activity Tracking Grid to excel that the date fields were being truncatedActivity Tracking

    Version: November (Expected Release Date: 12/4/23-12/8/23)

    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1504Added 2nd GPA Core Curriculum field option for transcripts to calculate a "Major Core" curriculum GPA in addition to overall cumulative Program GPA's
    Custom Control/MSPARM GPA_CORE 1-1 = Y activates the Core-GPA logic
    Custom Control/MSPARM GPA_CORE_TSCRIPT_LBL_TXT 1-1 sets the description of the new GPA field on transcript
    STPARM - RCCORC adds "Core Curriculum" dropdown field selection to individual course creation page
    Core Grade Point Average
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1443Added Historical Reference GPA fields for External Degree Detail PageDegrees / Majors
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1487Added Custom Controls to show/hide Graduation Year and show/hide Course Credits on the Printed PDF Final Grade Report page to match the Web Version of the Final Grade Report Page
    Custom Control/MSPARM - GRDCMTCRSE 1-4 = N will hide the graduation year on the PDF

    Custom Control/MSPARM - GRDCMTCRSE 1-5 = Y will show the course credits on the PDF

    Mid-Term and Final Grade Reports
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1447Added error message to Permission Group Maintenance "Default Semester" selection when an invalid semester has been selected for the groupPermissions
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1283Custom Control/MSPARM TRANS_SSN4 1-1 = Y will now mask the students' SSN to only show the last 4 digitsTranscript
    AcademicChangeDEV-1424Added CSS formatting to the Printable version of the Student Class Schedule PageView Class Schedule
    AcademicBugDEV-1442Fixed an issue where batch degree audits from student finder were failingRun the Degree Audit or What If Report
    AcademicBugDEV-1462Fixed an issue where the Final Grade Report was showing absences incorrectly for days that attendance had not yet been takenSelf Service Attendance
    AcademicBugDEV-1523Fixed an issue where re-entry date was not being shown on Transcript Format 9_3Transcript
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1453Added Decoded Columns to Prospect/Inquiry Finder grid for Inquired, Applied, and Accepted Majors and Minor fieldsProspect Finder
    AdmissionsChangeDEV-1467Relabeled Handicap Code to Disability Code on Student Bios pagePerson Record (Bios)
    AdmissionsBugDEV-763Fixed an issue where the comments column was not showing up on certain browser scaling sizes on the Student Application Status Page
    Financial AidEnhancementDEV-1190Added functionality for Campus Based Federal Work Study reporting to generate a COD Export file from the Disbursement Roster and to send to COD. A new tab has been added to COD Documents page for importing the Campus Based Aid response file.Campus-Based COD Document Files and Responses
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1187Added notification to clarify when a student's payment has not been processed due to the transaction being placed on hold by's fraud detection (Payment Processor)
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-775Set Permission 237 to No Access (NA) to block students from making payments through the system will now remove the "Make a Payment" button on the billing statement pageSelf-Service Payments
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1418Fixed an issue where the Custom Text/CLOB was not appearing on a billing statement after using the semester/date filtering optionsView Student Billing Statement
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1480Fixed an issue where Student ID was not showing on the billing statement page when using the semester/date filter optionsView Student Billing Statement
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1482Fixed an issue where a student's first billed semester would still appear for when filtering their statement by semesterView Student Billing Statement
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1408Added Control to allow editing of a Financial Aid Billing Batch Transaction Amount ('F' Flag).
    Custom Control/MSPARM BILL_AMT_EDIT 1-1 = Y
    Please Note: Allowing this amount override for a financial aid transaction may cause out of balance error messages to appear in the financial aid module, and should only be used for extenuating circumstances
    Bill Batch
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1438Fixed issue where Billing Rules Start/End Date constraints were not being respected for Housing ChargesBilling Rules Interface
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1497

    Group Billing
    SystemChangeDEV-1501Added allowance for email validation process for ".healthcare" suffix on an email addressUpdate Biographical Info
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1402Fixed an issue with Moodle Integration where faculty accounts were not syncing properly when the Alternative ID was being usedMoodle (LMS)
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1304System Notification menu has been added to the top right of the system for system alerts
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1490Added a search field to the Column Visibility dropdown under all of the People Finder pages to assist in finding the desired columnsPeople Finders
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1494Added a search to the Hide/Show Fields dropdown under all of the People Finder pages to assist in finding the desired filtersPeople Finders
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1396Updated "Individual Plan of Study" UI
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1379Updated "Post Bill Batch" UI
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-1452Added set default "Text Reply Sent To Counselor" option under a texting workflow to ensure that a text message "reply notification" will get sent to the current counselor on file for a studentCreating Workflows

    Version: October (Expected Release Date: 11/6/23-11/10/23)

    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1280Added Part Time Code to Student Session Data page to store historical Part Time Code data by semesterStudent Session Data
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1391Added class absences to audit log to allow for triggering notifications when a student is marked absent in a courseAudit Log
    AcademicBugDEV-1299Fixed an issue with Attendance History link from the course basket pageAttendance Reports
    AcademicChangeDEV-1323Adjusted the Degree Audit page to load more efficientlyDegree Audit Setup
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1302"Sign Up Now" (One-Stop-Shop-Registration) students will only show on roster after payment has been made.  Added MSPARM/Custom Control SIGNUPNOW 1-7 to enable this featureSign-Up Now - One Stop Registration
    AcademicChangeDEV-1194The format of start date and end date under course listing/course roster has been changed to mm/dd/yyyyCourse Rosters
    AcademicChangeDEV-1148Increase the efficiency of the Semester Date page when copying semesters by having the filters persistReadying for a New Semester
    AcademicBugDEV-1177Fixed an issue where waitlist count was not updating after a student was dropped from a courseWaitlist
    AcademicBugDEV-1075Fixed indent of 2nd Degree on printed transcript to be in line with other data piecesTranscript
    AcademicBugDEV-1359Fixed issue on student schedule calendar view where some classes were not showing on week and day views.Class Schedule Format
    Accounts PayableEnhancementDEV-1009Bill Code and GL Title added to the printed AP Voucher PostingAccounts Payable Entry
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1349Fully redesigned the process to add custom questions and answers to inquiry and application forms.
    Multiple questions can now be added to a form with associated triggers and templates
    Permission 1271 is required to use this new question builder.
    Add/Edit Custom Field (Question) from Single Screen
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1345Added validation to email/text tracking fields based on form's "Mode" type. For example, when form is set to inquiry, only inquiry email/text tracking fields will be enabled.Admissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1393Updated MSPARM/Custom Control SYUSCHGGRP process to trigger upon progress code auto-changing to "P"-Deposited when a student makes an enrollment deposit to change a student's permission group automatically Set up Enrollment (Tuition) Deposit
    AdmissionsChangeDEV-1390Adjusted the Education Partner Relationship Dropdown menu alphabeticallyRelationships
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1338Fixed an issue where "Web Hide" checkbox on the STPARM for Round Robin Counselors was not being respectedSet up Round Robin Admission Counselor Assignment
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1382Fixed an issue on an admissions form that was forcing a SSN even though it was set to "not required" for non-citizensAdmissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up
    Alumni/DevelopmentBugDEV-1342Fixed an issue where the link for Batch Constituent upload by Spreadsheet was not showing on the menuBatch Constituent Upload
    Alumni/DevelopmentBugDEV-1386Fixed issue where donation assignment was producing an error; Renamed function to assign a person to a donation from "Add Person" to "Match Person"Record Gift
    Alumni/DevelopmentBugDEV-1414Fixed an error when a donation was made from the donation portal without being logged into the systemDonation Portal
    Financial AidBugDEV-1357Fixed an issue where COD exports from disbursement roster were showing a blank error messageFinancial Aid Disbursements
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1383Added functionality to automatically have the earliest payment plan on file assigned to the payments in the cash batch; manually adjustment the payment plan that a user would like the payment to go toward can still be madePayment Plans
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1296Made a change to the "Make a payment page" where temporary charges from group billing will not be shown if there is a group in the billing batch waiting to be postedSelf-Service Payments
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1327Fixed an issue with the student statement having overlapping text on some browser size scaling optionsView Student Billing Statement
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1373Fixed an issue where both accounting sides of a cash transaction were showing on the students' ledgersStudent A/R Ledger
    SystemEnhancementDEV-1387When an error occurs from a duplicate SSN attempting to be input, a message will be shown defining the duplicate SSN errorPerson Record (Bios)
    SystemBugDEV-1330Fixed an issue where permissions page was not showing that a user had a password on account with asterisksPermissions
    Third-Party IntegrationChangeDEV-1335Updated GFAS integration process to report clock hoursGlobal Financial Aid Services
    User InterfaceBugDEV-1339Fixed an issue where a checkbox size was showing too large on self registration pageStudent Self Service Registration
    User InterfaceBugDEV-1282Fixed issue in Student Finder Filters where the “Degree 150 Percent Date Override Date” field was visible whether or not it is selected in Hide/Show field was selectedStudent Finder
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1326Renamed Admin Servlet Refresh menu entry to Refresh Data Cache to correctly describe the process being performed
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1318Updated "Cash upload from spreadsheet" UIUpload Cash Payments Using Spreadsheet
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1320Updated "Bill upload from spreadsheet" UIBill Upload from Spreadsheet
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1310Updated "F/A Data Export" UI
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1311Updated "Financial Aid Disbursement Term Rule Detail" UIDisbursement Term Rules
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1350Updated "Bill Batch Detail" UIBill Batch
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1351Updated "Cash Batch Detail" UICash Batch
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1381Updated "Student Control" UI
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1317Updated "Student Refund Batch Processing" UIStudent Refunds
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-1346/
    Added new field to workflows page for default text-sent-from user to the assigned admissions counselor.  This can be set to an account other than the sending accountCreating Workflows
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-1431Added 2nd Advisor as a triggerable field for activities using the field STBIOS.FACULTY2_ADVIS_ID_NUMCreating Database Triggers
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1365Fixed an issue where downloading files from an activity with unusual characters was causing the file to be downloaded with the incorrect name

    Version: September (Expected Release Date: 10/2/23-10/7/23)

    AcademicBugDEV-1288Fixed an issue where an error occurred when making a new semester activeReadying for a New Semester
    AcademicBugDEV-1030Increased the Course Description on Degree Audit Configuration to 90 characters to prevent truncation errors on the degree audit configuration pagesDegree Audit Setup
    AcademicBugDEV-1295Fixed an error on Transcript A_3 format where assignments were not showing properlyTranscript
    AcademicBugDEV-1307Fixed an issue where an applicant could register themselves into a class without proper permissionsStudent Self Service Registration
    AcademicBugDEV-1262Fixed an issue where student schedule page was forcing the calendar view even if the custom control was set to show a list viewClass Schedule Format
    AcademicBugDEV-768Fixed an issue where a course was not counted as a repeat because a differing course section of the same course number had "Can be repeated" selectedAdd and Schedule a Course
    AcademicBugSP-5727Fixed an issue where the Session Data Copy process was giving an errorStudent Session Data
    AcademicBugDEV-1119Fixed an issue where single and batch transcript printing would fail if one student had multiple transcript formatsView Student Transcript
    Accounts PayableBugDEV-774Added ability to supply a Void Date Override when retroactivity voiding a checkAccounts Payable Payment Processing
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1203Increased the field character limit size on the emergency contact information fields from 25 to 50 to prevent a truncation errorAdmissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up
    Financial AidBugDEV-1197Fixed an issue with ISIR Correction and Highlight flags were appearing in the wrong locations on the 23-24 ISIRAuto Packaging & View ISIR
    Financial AidBugDEV-1306Fixed an issue where a PLUS loan application file import would fail if a student was missing an email address on their PLUS loan applicationPLUS Packaging
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1332Added the ability to see "Non-Accounts Receivable" transactions on a student's ledger card.  These transactions are highlighted in Blue with the A/R code of "OA" for "Other Amount".  These transactions will not affect the overall student balance, they are just listed for reference.Student A/R Ledger
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1021Added clarification text (Progress Code=P) to Group Billing page on the function to "Included Unenrolled" Students to inform that students with the "P" progress code will get billed.Group Billing
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1264Added SPONSORED_ID field to the Cash Batch Upload through Spreadsheet to add Sponsored Payments in Bulk. Process will alert if a Sponsored ID number is invalid.Upload Cash Payments Using Spreadsheet
    SystemEnhancementDEV-1316Updated Refresh Data Cache page to automatically refresh upon viewing, and will display a success when process is complete
    Third-Party IntegrationEnhancementDEV-1090Added View and Click Tracking flags to the Activity Tracking Grid Page to review which activities have been viewed and if a person has clicked on a link inside an email
    Click link tracking has also been added to the text messaging
    Activity Tracking
    Third-Party IntegrationChangeDEV-1259/
    eRezLife integration process will now support blank dorm room assignments, and will change resident code when no assignment has been made. Date ranges are now based off the student's active session record will now be used for the Dorm room reservation start/end dateseRezLife (Residence Management)
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1236Updated look and feel of the pages: Counselor Assignment Maintenance, Counselor Assignment by Zip Code, Counselor Assignment by EPS GeomarketSet up Round Robin Admission Counselor Assignment
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1237Updated look and feel of Admissions Portal Configuration pagesAdmissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1301Updated look and feel of Billing Batch Detail pageBill Batch
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1284Fixed an issue where sending an email from a template would fill in the email body section with the user's ID number instead of the workflow email templateActivity Tracking
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-1297Added field to workflow definition page as an override that will send a text reply email notification to the student's assigned counselor instead of the original text sender.Creating Workflows

    Version: August (Expected Release Date: 9/4/23-9/8/23)

    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1178Added Student Line Code/Class Level and "Assumed" levels to Student Session Data to provide a historical reference per semester of a students class load.
    If Custom Control GPA_LINE 1-1 = N  Class Level will need to be updated manually on both the Student Codes page and the Student Session Row
    Student Session Data
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1062Added new custom control TRANS_TERM 1-1 = Y to show TERM label on transcript.  Set to N will display SEMTranscript
    AcademicBugDEV-1153Fixed an issue where the Batch Enrollment from Student Finder function was not working due to a semester naming errorBatch Enrollment Registration and Grade Import
    AcademicBugDEV-1115Fixed an issue where the Mid-Term Grade Report was showing waitlisted coursesMid-Term and Final Grade Reports
    AcademicChangeDEV-1082Added new single-column clock hour transcript format 5_1 to show clock hours attempted and earned without showing GPA
    Main change for this 5_1 format is that the attendance hours comes NOT from Course + Lab hours under a student's enrollment as in format 4_9, but from the Clockhour Summary Process calculations.
    The transcript is also separated by degree level as other formats do and relies on attendance records having attendance dates within specific degrees' begin and end dates.
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1144Added a new filter to the Prospect finder for Conditional Acceptance application detail field.Prospect Finder
    AdmissionsChangeDEV-1228Increased the amount of characters in the round robin counselor maintenance page to allow for a larger list of major codes to be usedSet up Round Robin Admission Counselor Assignment
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1192Fixed an issue where a user was unable to merge a student on the holding table when advanced Round Robin Rules were enabledSet up Round Robin Admission Counselor Assignment
    Financial AidEnhancementDEV-1084Added new Custom Control FA_ISIR_SKIP 1-1 = Y to prevent ISIR Lead creation in the system.  Please note that turning this on will also prevent creation of potential duplicate matching in the admissions holding tableAuto Packaging & View ISIR
    Financial AidBugDEV-1221Fixed an issue where Financial Aid Packaging Validation messaging would cause packaging to fail completely when a student didn't receive a certain portion of a packaging, if the packaging rule had a missing disbursement data piece, or if the rule was created without loans.
    Custom Control FA_RULE_VALID 1-1 set to Y to turn off Validation will allow packaging for institutions that only package their students will Pell, and will not validate if the student should be eligable for loans.
    Disbursement Term Rules
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1238Bill Batch and Cash Batch Upload from Spreadsheet process now supports the MEMBER field to allow for more flexibility in uploading batches into the systemUpload Cash Payments Using Spreadsheet

    Bill Upload from Spreadsheet
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1227Fixed an error when the billing batch had more than 2600 transactions listedBill Batch
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1234Fixed an issue where the Billing Rules set up around attempted hour constraints were not including transfer hoursBilling Rules Interface
    Fixed an issue where the admissions progress code was producing two records in the audit log that could potentially trigger off two activities
    SystemBugDEV-1146An issue was fixed with sending new account credentials were not being merged into emailsAssociating Activities with Individuals
    SystemBugDEV-1175Fixed an issue where the student finder would not query a list of students when the relationship type filter value for "blank" was being used.Student Finder
    SystemBugDEV-1241Fixed a timing issue where if the Refresh Data Cache Cache Refresh was running at the exact same time a student payment was made, it would skip the payment from being created in the cash batch
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1179Fixed an issue with the Brightspace integration where participation and grade imports were not appearing in the queue history logs and making it difficult to track down which files needed to be re-runBrightspace (LMS)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1200Fixed a Brightspace integration issue where enrollments based on site code were not being read properlyBrightspace (LMS)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugSP-4700Fixed an integration error where the GFAS integration was reading credit hour decimal points incorrectlyGlobal Financial Aid Services
    User InterfaceBugDEV-763Fixed an issue where on the application status page the comment section was sometimes be hidden on certain browser window sizes
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1223Updated the Student A/R Ledger page to be more clean.  Cash Batch and Billing Batch buttons have been combined with the Cash and Billing Batch Dollar TotalsStudent A/R Ledger
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1216The red font color has been removed from the Billing Transaction Code Maintenance pageConfigure Transaction Codes
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1189Updated the Document Portal UI to be more mobile responsive Document Portal
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1244Adjusted title spacing on one-stop-shop application page in order to be more readableSign-Up Now - One Stop Registration
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1230/
    Fixed an issue where certain 2-way emails had special characters included which prevented a user from "expanding" the notes or attachment section on an activity's detail maintenanceAssociating Activities with Individuals
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1217Fixed an issue where blank emails were being sent out from activities added through the "quick comment" feature if no default content was set under the workflow definitionCreating Workflows
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1193Fixed an issue where triggered activities where not being fired off when an inquiry or application was being created in the admissions holding tableHolding Table
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1239Fixed an issue where the scheduled activity email job queue was emailing errors when the web app configuration field STMP_USER was blank

    Version: July (Expected Release Date: 8/5/23-8/11/23)

    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1074Expanded MSPARM TRANS_PAD 1-1 = # of pixels to provide transcript format adjustable padding at the bottom to other transcript formatsTranscript
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1158Added Instruction method 1 to course listing gridsAdd and Schedule a Course
    AcademicBugDEV-1160Fixed issue where the mobile attendance app pages were appearing blankSelf Service Attendance
    AcademicBugDEV-1154Fixed issue where GPA and Names were not properly populating on Progress ReportsSatisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
    AcademicBugDEV-1118Fixed issue where course Site number was only showing and description was not being shown on the course registration pageSites
    AcademicBugDEV-1147Fixed waitlisting list on course registration page that will now properly allow students to be added to a waitlist when there are zero seats availableAdministrative Class Registration Add, Drop, Swap
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1110Added support to the progress code batch update process to change any progress code to and from and code except Y, A, or P codesProspect Finder
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1138Fixed issue on Admissions Dashboard metric graphs showing duplicate information due to progress code MSPARM trimming issuesDashboards
    AccountingEnhancementDEV-1111Eliminate rows from GL lookup if there is no actual balance and no budget. There is a checkbox on the page to show/hide these recordsGeneral Ledger Lookup
    Alumni/DevelopmentEnhancementDEV-1157Create constituent button has been added to the donation lookup page and will automatically link that new constituent to the current selected donationDonation Portal
    Alumni/DevelopmentEnhancementDEV-1103Allow deletion of online donation records if "payment succeeded" is falseDonation Portal
    Alumni/DevelopmentEnhancementDEV-1137Added functionality to allow deletion of pledges that have no payments against them or change amounts to not be less than the amount paid-to-date for pledges that have paymentsDonation Portal
    Financial Aid/AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-1050Added "Link ISIR and SSN" link to Admissions Holding page for proper linking of ISIR's to an existing student account without overwriting previously created inquiry or application data. Insert to create a new inquiry functionality still remainsHolding Table
    Financial AidBugDEV-108Fixed an issue where packaging was not allowing disbursements of Pell for academic year 2 to be packaged under the same award year and award code for borrower-based institutionsDisbursement Term Rules
    Financial AidBugDEV-1171Fixed an issue where students were unable to accept their aid on the review financing pageStudent Financing Review and Acceptance
    Financial AidBugDEV-1145Fixed an issue where DocuSign documents were breaking the financial aid status and estimated financing review pagesStudent Fin. Aid Status
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1172Fixed an issue where the "Next" arrow under Person Selected from Billing Statement page produced an error when trying to view the next student's statementView Student Billing Statement
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1087Added a button to group billing page to identify students who did not have any billingGroup Billing
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1162Fixed permission 57 when set to Read Only to properly be respected for printing the Cash BatchPermissions
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-1188Added Cash Receipt Field to column visibility on cash batch posting. This input field is located in the Fast Cash section of the interfaceCash Batch
    SystemBugDEV-1152Fixed administrator password reset from the user permission edit page.Users
    SystemBugDEV-1173Fixed an issue where self-change password process was not properly saving the new passwordUsers
    SystemBugDEV-1163Fixed an error when reviewing a user's permission detail page after using the user search function was usedUsers
    SystemChangeDEV-1076Added validation to STPARM SMDESC to only allow numbers, when an alpha or special character was used the rendered the system unusableSemesters (Terms)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1161Fixed an issue where text messages were failing to be sent and also reviewed due to how dates were being processed on the activity detail pageMessageMedia (Text Messaging)
    Third-Party IntegrationChangeDEV-1174Added functionality to DocuSign integration that allows Administrator signature to be listed first instead of student's being listed as the first signer on an attached DocuSign document.  A new checkbox has been added to notify a student as the second signer once an administrator has signed firstDocuSign (eSignature)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1180Fixed an issue with Canvas integration where students were not properly being dropping from cross listed coursesCanvas (LMS)
    Third-Party IntegrationEnhancementDEV-1149Added an Optional Course Section Filter to the LMS Final Grade Synchronization import processCanvas (LMS)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1183Fixed an intermittent authentication error with Brightspace integrationBrightspace (LMS)
    User InterfaceBugDEV-880Fixed an issue where the "Registration Held" flag would overlap the top header bar if a student's name was very long
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1065Updated mobile view of the Application Status page and Financial Aid Status page to be more mobile friendlyStudent Fin. Aid Status
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1114Updated mobile view of Faculty Dashboard to be more mobile friendlyDashboards
    User InterfaceBugSP-4396Updated mobile view of application forms to properly show the full fieldsAdmissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up 
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-1106Added Activity Tracking OID and Quick Comment fields to the activity tracking template gridCreating Activities
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1130Fixed an issue where an invalid email was causing the whole email process to fail instead of skipping and sending for the rest of the addressesAssociating Activities with Individuals
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1155Fixed an issue where users were unable to add a comment after adding an activity and entering back into the edit activity detail pageAssociating Activities with Individuals
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1166Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit an activity documentAssociating Activities with Individuals
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1168Fixed an issue where AdHoc emails were not properly sending/receiving with the new 2-way emailing functionalityTwo-Way Emailing (Conversation View)

    Version: June (Expected Release Date: 7/30/23-8/5/23)

    AcademicBugDEV-1078Fix Enrollment History from showing transfer credits with the 999999 semester.Enrollment History and Enrollment Detail
    AcademicBugDEV-1085Fixed an issue where the Waitlisting Courses were not being properly highlighted.Waitlist
    AcademicBugDEV-1097Fixed an issue where schedules were not showing start/end dates.View Class Schedule
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1118Class Site has been added to the student schedule page.View Class Schedule
    AcademicBugDEV-1126Fixed an issue where waitlisted courses were not being highlighted on the student schedule page.View Class Schedule
    AcademicBugDEV-1132Transcript printing permissions are now properly respected on the transcript batch printing processView Student Transcript
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-988Added MSPARM TRANS_PAD 1-1 = # of pixels to provide transcript format 4-9 with an adjustable padding at the bottom.Transcript
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-866Added Admissions Deposit transaction to the audit log to be a triggerable action.Audit Log
    AdmissionsEnhancementSP-3439Added the ability to filter round-robin counselor assignment by major/program.

    Also, a new MSPARM AUTOCOUNSL- 1-8 = Y a list of prospect progress codes that allow round-robin assignment to override the existing assigned counselor when a new form is submitted with those progress codes.
    Set up Round Robin Admission Counselor Assignment
    AdmissionsBugDEV-1125Fixed an issue where clicking the phone tab where there were "0" scheduled results on the admissions dashboard would display all phone calls for all users.Dashboards
    AccountingEnhancementDEV-1098Added new MSPARM CASH_BATCH_REPORT_USE_CKNO-1-1 to show/hide the Check Number field (CK#) on the Cash Receipt Update report (both posting and edit reports).
    AccountingBugDEV-1028Fixed an issue where Upload Cancelled Check was giving errors in certain situations.Accounts Payable Payment Processing
    AccountingBugDEV-1129Fixed the issue where the "Vendor Student" flag was not showing on the vendor listing page.Vendors
    FacultyBugDEV-1064Fixed an issue where certain semesters' description formats were not showing up in the faculty dashboard.Dashboards
    FacultyChangeDEV-1100Course Roster Finder pulling now shows the standard decoded date format.Course Rosters
    FacultyChangeDEV-1072Fixed an issue where the faculty schedule was not loading in certain situations.
    Financial AidChangeDEV-1094Updated COA Labels for new regulation.Student Cost of Attendance Detail
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1107When a transaction is set as a "P"- (Payment Account type, highlighting to the A/R Ledger transactions has been added for clarity; in addition, when the last posted transaction with the "P" (Payment) Account type the "last payment date" and "last payment amount" will be updated accordingly.Student A/R Ledger
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-1108Added Printed date and reformatted student name and ID number on the printable billing statement.View Student Billing Statement
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-943Changed the billing statement address line to have all of the same text color.View Student Billing Statement
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1101Fixed an issue where certain students were not being billed properly by start date.Billing Charges Interface
    Student Finders and ReportingEnhancementDEV-822Province Column added to people finder results.People Finders
    Student Finders and ReportingEnhancement
    The Waitlisting Base report now includes and is sorted by the time that the student was added to the waitlist.
    SystemBugDEV-1116Fixed an issue with using the person/org merge function when there was sponsored billing attached to the account.System: Users and Security
    SystemEnhancementDEV-777Added support for Multi-Factor Authenticated EmailingMulti-Factor Authentication Email (2FA/MFA)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1093The open API import has been adjusted to properly split out phone numbers into their appropriate sections.Open API
    Third-Party IntegrationChangeDEV-1099Adjusted how term begin/end dates are being pulled for certain programs for the national student clearinghouse export.National Student Clearinghouse Report
    Third-Party IntegrationEnhancementDEV-976Added integration for eRezLife 3rd-party services.  New Permission 1266 has been added for this integration page.eRezLife (Residence Management)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugSP-3317Fixed an issue with the Brightspace integration where final grades for very large classes were not transferring.Brightspace (LMS)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1061Fixed a Brightspace queue processing issue where the items were not being kept and re-processed when a connection error occurs.Brightspace (LMS)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1121Fixed an issue where Google API provisioning was not being completed properly for international phone numbers.Google Workspace Provision Accounts
    Third-Party IntegrationBugSP-3928Resolved a file transfer issue with BankMobile.BankMobile (Student Refunds)
    User InterfaceEnhancementDEV-1070Added new MSPARM LABEL_SEMESTER to override the word "Semester" throughout the system.
    User InterfaceBugDEV-1127Resolved an issue with the application margins being too large for mobile format viewing.
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersEnhancementDEV-777Two-way emailing through the activity tracking has now been added 
    Authentication Email must be configured in order to use 2-way email
    Two-Way Emailing (Conversation View)

    Version: May (Expected Release Date: 6/5/23-6/9/23)

    AcademicChangeSP-2294Clock Hour Report Page column sizing and formatting has been adjusted to show more records by defaultAttendance Reports
    AcademicBugDEV-1019Fixed an issue where line code and class levels weren't calculating properly based off earned hoursClass Levels
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-960Major/Core/Program 2nd GPA option column functionality has been added to certain transcript formats, Degree Audit, and GPA history page. Courses with the "Core Curriculum" flag under the course detail "Codes" tab will be included in the calculation.
    Please Contact Campus Cafe support for more information.
    Custom Controls Added:
    GPA_CORE 1-1 = "Y'
    will calculate 2nd GPA off of RGCRSE core_curriculum and put in 2nd major GPA in RGSSUM 
    Text above Core Curriculum GPA on Transcript. (Max 4 Char, Default is CORE)
    Text of Core Curriculum GPA on Degree Audit. (Max 25 Char, Default is CORE GPA)
    Core GPA
    AcademicBugDEV-1035Fixed issue where Course Listing page column visibility function was not workingAdd and Schedule a Course
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-1000Added feature to copy courses by site or departmentCopy Courses
    AcademicChangeDEV-996Adjusted the custom control ATTEND_150 1-2 to allow non-clock hour programs to use 150% rules & Control 1-3 now prevents the 150% date from being input for the course end dates upon enrollment, and will only change the student individual degree record end dateConfigure Attendance
    AdmissionsBugDEV-957Fixed an issue where the Prospect Finder Batch Progress Code updater process was producing an error.Prospect Finder
    AdmissionsChangeDEV-1066Fixed capitalization on *is required flag on application pageAdmissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up 
    AccountingBugDEV-994Fixed an issue where the General Ledger Account Maintenance Deactivate and Rename functions were producing and errorGeneral Ledger Accounts
    AccountingEnhancementDEV-1014General Ledger lookup pop up window is now paged in order to increase the speed and efficiency of pulling up longer lists of accountsGeneral Ledger Accounts
    Financial AidChangeSP-2747Adjusted Formatting of Disbursement Roster page to use two columns to use = up more of the page real estate and reduce scrolling to set filtersFinancial Aid Disbursements
    Financial AidBugDEV-992Fixed an issue where Pell Cost of Attendance for Academic Year 2 for borrower-based institutions was not calculating properlyStudent Cost of Attendance Detail
    Financial AidBugDEV-1022Fixed issue where the FA_LETTER custom control to hide dependency status on Award Letter was not being respectedFunding Estimate (Award Letter)
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1031Fixed an issue where a payment's zip code for was defaulting to the home address instead of the billing (Payment Processor)
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-1059Fixed issue with group billing failure message
    Student Finders and ReportingEnhancementDEV-1060Using the Phone number filter on the people finders should now look at Mobile, Home, and Local phone numbers on file to pull a listing of studentsStudent Finder
    Student Finders and ReportingEnhancementDEV-1049Added new feature where a Faculty/Instructor filter has been added to the student finder.
    In addition, instructor and major has been added to the enrollment listing finder action page
    Student Finder
    Student Finders and ReportingBugDEV-1077Fixed an issue where saved grid views were shifted over a few columns incorrectlyStudent Finder
    SystemChangeDEV-1006Adjusted email address field to allow comma separated values for multiple emails. Note: Emails will not support comma separation if inputting an account password.
    SystemBugDEV-1056Fixed an issue where new student ID numbers were artificially progressing forward too many digits
    Refresh Data Cache page has been cleaned up to only show relevant processes
    Third-Party IntegrationChangeDEV-967PowerFaids Financial Aid Export page has been moved from the client to the web.
    Third-Party IntegrationChangeSP-950/
    Fixed GFAS integration issues where transfer credits were being duplicated in earned credit hoursGlobal Financial Aid Services
    Third-Party IntegrationBugSP-3056Fixed an LDA reporting issue with CourseKey integrationCourseKey (Attendance)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-1037End-Time on End-Dates for Brightspace and Canvas integrations now appropriately consider time zones.
    Also, nicknames will also be transferred to the preferred name in the LMS integrations
    Brightspace (LMS)
    User InterfaceBugDEV-1007Degree listing column order changes will now save on a student profilePeople Profiles
    User InterfaceBugDEV-952Fixed issue where Exam Schedule link was not appearing under Person Selected menuExam Scheduling and Listing
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-1003Reformatted the Applicant Status Page to be more mobile friendly
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersChangeDEV-986Activity Tracking Quick Comment and Add New activity button locations have been adjusted for easier recognition of their functionsActivity Tracking
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1067Fixed an issue where double scroll bars were showing on the student activity tracking pageActivity Tracking
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1048Fixed an issue where on the activity page when adding a new template you could not scroll down the listActivity Tracking
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-973Fixed an issue where Activity Tracking Advisor Names where shifted incorrectly on columns and reportsActivity Tracking
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-1054Fixed an issue where the Saved Activity filters were not auto submitting after selectionActivity Tracking

    Version: April (Expected Release Date: 5/1/23-5/7/23)

    AcademicBugDEV-947Fixed an issue where the degree audit major & semester page parameters had wrong names/semester for the selected student. Run the Degree Audit or What If Report
    AcademicChangeDEV-951Adjusted the course basket downwards on the registration page to not cover up as much of the side menu. (basket window can still be dragged to expand)Administrative Class Registration Add, Drop, Swap
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-966Permissions 734 will now hide the comment section on the Clock Hour Report PageAttendance Reports
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-962Optimized the Clock Hour Summary Records Page CalculationsAttendance Reports
    AcademicBugDEV-955Fixed an issue where if two different grade scales and weightings were being used within the same gradebook, it would calculate incorrectlyGradebook Maintenance
    AcademicBugDEV-793Fixed some alignment and formatting issues on certain transcript formatsTranscript
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-945Optimized the Admissions Dashboard to query data a bit fasterDashboards
    AdmissionsBugDEV-949Fixed an issue where Advisor 2 was populating in Advisor 1 field on the Student Finder and Finder ExportsPeople Finders
    AccountingBugDEV-979Fixed an issue where an error was received when adding or editing a new Cost CenterGeneral Ledger Lookup
    AccountingBugDEV-953Fixed an issue where ACH Check Print Error no longer required check numbers when ACH onlyAccounts Payable Check Register
    Financial AidBugDEV-939Fixed an issue with Legacy F/A upload and billing batch processes not properly updating the net disbursed award amountLegacy Documentation (Web)
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-959Fixed an issue where voids of student refunds did not reverse back to the A/R LedgerVoid Check
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-851Cash Batch Report adjusted to show all columns properly for sponsored billing and check numberCash Batch
    SystemBugDEV-901Fixed issue where Bulk Merge of Users by spreadsheet process was not working in certain situationsUsers
    SystemChangeDEV-820Optimized the backend user creation process
    SystemBugDEV-977Fixed an issue with Password reset producing an error and now displays a clearer message when an error takes place
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-946Added a Click-to-open function to the side navigation menu to reduce responsiveness to not pop open so dramatically while using various pages
    User InterfaceBugDEV-970Fixed an issue where custom menu links were not wrapping properlyCustom Menu Links
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersBugDEV-964Fixed an issue where a quick comment was producing an error message when a faculty member did not have a valid email attached to their accountAssociating Activities with Individuals
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersChangeDEV-957Progress Code Drop Down List Now Excludes invalid Codes on the Queue Result Detail and Batch Progress Code Update process from prospect finder actions sectionQueue Results
    Workflows, Activities & TriggersChangeDEV-965/
    Adjusted new Activity Tracking Page UI Margins to show more activities by default and Fixed a typoAssociating Activities with Individuals

    Version: March (Expected Release Date: 4/2/23-4/8/23)

    AcademicBugDEV-872Fixed an issue where the Class Schedule link was always sending the user to the calendar view even if the controls were set to send to the list view
    (Please note: removing the side navigation menu with permission 1265 means the link will not update/respond to the SCHEDSTYLE value for the direct ENTRY_PAGE HTML student portal links.)
    View Class Schedule
    Class Schedule Format
    AcademicBugDEV-195Fixed an issue where Copying a Course process said it was failing even when course copied successfullyCopy Courses
    AcademicEnhancementDEV-885Added an error message when trying to generate a transcript when a student didn't have a valid degreeTranscript
    AcademicBugSP-1825Fixed an issue where the Grade Control was producing an error when trying to add a new recordGrade Control
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-859Added functionality when custom control CRSRSTNICK 1-1 is set to Y, the student's Nickname will be used for the student's profile, header bar, student search, payment pages, and throughout the system
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-904Added County to People Finder ResultsPeople Finders
    AdmissionsChangeDEV-899Changed the default phone number on the App Status Page from home phone to mobile phone
    AdmissionsChangeDEV-913Increased spacing on zip code field on application so digits were not cut off on certain screen scales
    AdmissionsChangeDEV-926The Saved Application default email subject line is now grammatically correctSaved Applications
    AdmissionsBugDEV-867Fixed an issue where an additional degree record was created when a progress code was moved backwardsApplicant Detail (Change Admissions Progress Code)
    AdmissionsBugDEV-862Fixed Lead Scores Upload and Mapping links to properly direct to the appropriate pagesUpload Leads from Spreadsheet
    AdmissionsBugDEV-897Permission 745 for Inquiry/Score Upload menu link is now hiding/showing appropriatelyUpload Leads from Spreadsheet
    AdmissionsBugSP-580Fixed an issue where the Application Status Page comment Columns were being hidden by default
    AdmissionsBugDEV-876Fixed an error where ID numbers from the Prospect Finder were not properly being sent over to the Activity Tracking finder filter actionProspect Finder
    AdmissionsBugDEV-879Fixed an issue where the admissions dashboard wasn't catching prospects/students and refreshing correctly when not using any counselor assignmentsDashboards
    AccountingChangeDEV-645The General Ledger Year End Close process has been moved from the client to the webGeneral Ledger Module Overview
    AccountingBugDEV-881Fixed Margins on G/L Lookup page for new menuGeneral Ledger Lookup
    AccountingEnhancementDEV-896Added 4-digit Zip code extensions to check printing
    AccountingBugDEV-940Adjusted check printed side margin to not cut off dollar amountsAccounts Payable Check Printing
    Financial AidEnhancementDEV-906Added Financial Aid Autopackaging block based on Academic and Financial holds. Inserting a comma separated list of Hold codes into Custom Control FA_PKGHOLD 1-1 for Financial holds, and 1-2 for Academic Holds, if a student has any listed hold type auto packaging will be blocked.Auto Packaging & View ISIR
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-895Added user messaging to show id_number on student batch refund message box when the process failsStudent Refunds
    Student FinancialsChangeDev-855Posting of transactions from the Bill Batch are now allowed without Degree or Student Master Records under a student’s accountBill Batch
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-873Fixed issue with where disabling the e-check button with MSPARM WEBPAYMENT 3-2 = N will prevent payments from going (Payment Processor)
    Student FinancialsBugSP-443Fixed an issue where the Previous Balance field on the student payment page was being cut offReceive Payment
    Student FinancialsChangeDEV-759Billing Rules Entry now requires a date to be saved if using a begin start dateBilling Rules Interface
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-925Fixed a billing statement print margin issue on Firefox browsersView Student Billing Statement
    SystemEnhancementDEV-916Increased query performance of people findersPeople Finders
    SystemEnhancementDEV-905Added a permission denial page when a student tries to access a page they don’t have permission to, instead of logging them outPermissions
    SystemEnhancementDEV-923Hide navigation menu with Permission 1265 permission groups APPLICANT and WEBDEFAULT will automatically set to NA, which students will no longer show the menu unless Permission 1265 NA is removed under the Global Category, we recommend that all student functions be provided through the student portal links, and that students not see the side navigation menu by default.Main Menu Permissions
    Authenticated SMTP Emailing Configuration AddedSMTP Authenticated Emailing
    SystemBugDEV-919Fixed issue where IP addresses were not properly tracking in the audit log
    SystemBugSP-1939Fixed issue where GPA Processor job wasn't properly showing if it was scheduled or not on the Jobs pageGPA Processor
    SystemBugDEV-938Fixed an issue where larger sized emails were not being sent out.
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-863Fixed issue where sending of a text message was blocked when Assigned-To user override field was filled out.MessageMedia (Text Messaging)
    Third-Party IntegrationEnhancementSP-1556Added Functionality to the Softphone process to handle phone numbers with "+1", code (“%2B”), to allow other software such as Zoom Calls that use this number formatRingCentral (Softphone)
    User InterfaceChangeSP-1769Re-adjusted sizing of dashboard counselor preview selection dropdownDashboards
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-749Updated Look and Feel of Activity Tracking interfaceActivity Tracking
    User InterfaceChangeDEV-934Updated menu icon and bar color to match color customizationsAppearance
    User InterfaceBugDEV-889Fixed an issue where students were shown the person search bar
    User InterfaceBugSP-1762Fixed an issue where students can see the (?) documentation link without the correct permissions
    User InterfaceBugDEV-870Fixed issue where custom student links were not showing in the student menu

    Version: February (Expected Release Date: 3/5/23-3/10/23)

    Fixed an issue when Custom Control setting TRANS_PDF 1-5 is set to 'Y,' the transcript activity tracking feature wasn't assigning the tracking to student's recordTranscript
    AcademicBugDEV-860Fixed Registration page elements from being blocked By X-Frame_options denial
    AdmissionsEnhancementDEV-841Added new fields to duplicate holding table: ID number column, Cell phone number, Form Name, Date of Inquiry recordHolding Table
    AdmissionsBugDEV-815Application Status link has been added back to admissions menu
    AdmissionsBugDEV-813Fixed an issue on the application where if a customized major name was used in an application, triggerable text fields may not show up
    AdmissionsBugDEV-830Fixed an issue where the application Detail Page would not update/save data when a student had a certain organizational relationships
    AdmissionsBugDEV-798Fixed an issue where activities were still showing up on the dashboard even though the progress code of the student was not valid to show up, set on the workflow detail page for those activitiesDashboards
    AccountingChangeDEV-711A/P Control has now been moved off the client to the Web

    Added Geofencing to mobile Attendance App by course site
    Self Service Attendance
    Financial AidBugDEV-802Fixed issue where Sub loan packaging was not properly taking some need reducing aid into the calculation
    Financial AidBugDEV-799All date fields on Disbursement Roster will now sort correctlyDisbursement Notifications
    Financial AidChangeDEV-801Financial aid acceptance is now only cleared on increase of aid, and does not clear on a decreaseStudent Financing Review and Acceptance
    Financial AidBug
    Fixed an issue where the COD Documents/PLUS Loan Application detail popup to delete a batch was being cut off screen
    Financial AidBugDEV-845GFAS Link is now showing properly under student financials menuGlobal Financial Aid Solutions
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-812Added New permissions 1263 & 1264 control whether the billing statement displays the sponsored billing transactions at the bottom.Billing Statement Design
    Student FinancialsEnhancementDEV-780Added ability to remove the E-Check button for both Admins looking at a student, and the student doing self-service payments with Custom Control/MSPARM
    WEBPAYMENT 3-2 set to N (Payment Processor)
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-771Billing Payment Page no longer hides the previous balance
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-743Changing date on A/R Ledger will now properly change the date on both sides of the transactionsStudent A/R Ledger
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-769Fixed issue where a bill batch would not post if the member contains a “#” signBill Batch
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-826/
    Fixed an issue where the Printed version of the billing statement margins were being shifted over to the rightBilling Statement Design
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-850Fixed issue where Student Refund Batch was not uploading if a user had multiple periods in the file nameStudent Refunds
    SystemBugSP-1049Home/Logo button has returned to the menu
    SystemBugDEV-816Fixed issue where menu kept popping up after page refresh as well as the shifting of links
    SystemBugDEV-827Fixed issue where the search bar on mobile devices was hidden
    SystemBugDEV-849Fixed issue where user search would cause a tomcat process error
    SystemBugDEV-858Fixed an issue where the Registration Hold notification text was preventing links from being clicked.
    SystemBugSP-1356Fixed an issue where menu subcategory title's were being shown when there were no links showing
    SystemBugDEV-763Fixed issue where comment field in App Status pages were being hidden on certain screen scaling settings
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-688Fixed an issue with Brightspace assignment course handing overlaying the earned date even if no earned points were assignedBrightspace (LMS)
    Third-Party IntegrationBugDEV-856Fixed 3rd party web hook issue that was allowing http, which would cause connections to break, and now forces https integrate properly
    Workflows, Activities and Database Triggers

    Version: January (Expected Release Date: 2/5/23-2/10/23)

    New Year, New Menu!
    With the January update to Campus Cafe comes a brand new Menu.  Many of our customers have been asking for a redesign to more easily find the different pages to navigate the system.

    Although this will be an adjustment for all users as the location for many of the links may have changed, the options have now been appropriately categorized into appropriate sub-headings.

    A user may also contract the menu option titles by default; with mouse-over the menu will auto expand.

    Note For On-Premise Customers:
    With this Release you must upgrade your servers to use Java version 11 or greater to take advantage of newer security measures. On Premise Customers must update in order to prevent any lapse in service.

    Download link for appropriate version: Download

    Cloud customers do not need to adjust any settings as their instances have already been upgraded
    NEW Ticket System Alert!
    We will transition our ticketing system from Fogbugz to the JIRA Service Platform for tickets. All emailing notifications for submitted tickets will come from the new system.
    If a user logs into Fogbugz as a community user to correspond with a submitted ticket, we will no longer be notified. 
    Please be sure to make all correspondence through the new JIRA portal or through emailing .

    The new system will allow you to login and track the tickets that you have submitted and review the current status of those tickets.
    You will also receive notifications on the status of those tickets including when those tickets are resolved.
    Below is the link to the new Help Desk Portal. Here, you can submit a ticket and/or create a portal account:
    To submit a ticket through the portal start by clicking on the "Campus Cafe Support" as shown here:

    Please note: In this transition phase, we will still retain Fogbugz for reference in order to make sure the details of your issues are not lost. However, when viewing the transitioned tickets in the JIRA system you may or may not see the entire conversation thread of current Fogbugz tickets.
    AcademicBugDEV-457Fixed issue When permissions 457 under Student is set to NA, it was still allowing a user to view the deficiency and final grades.Permissions
    AcademicBugDEV-770Fixed the Batch Drop All function to maintain withdraws and final letter gradesBatch Drop
    AcademicChangeDEV-699Add back in the old-style Gradebook Calculation algorithm as an option for some institutions who are using a mixed max points grade set MSParm/Custom Control GRDBK_AVG2-1-2=YGradebook Maintenance
    AdmissionsBugDEV-719Resolved issue where phone numbers were not uploading in common app upload processSet up Common Application
    AdmissionsBugDEV-751Fixed an issue where the admissions residency and progress code was not able to be changedApplicant Detail (Change Admissions Progress Code)
    AdmissionsBugDEV-785Prevented change of admissions portal name after it has been used to prevent students' admissions records from being disconnected from a portal formAdmissions Applications and Inquiry Forms Set up
    AdmissionsBugDEV-788Resolved issue where an extra degree record was being created when a progress code change took placeApplicant Detail (Change Admissions Progress Code)
    AccountingEnhancementDEV-754Added Cash Disbursement ACH fields to the GL Fund Detail interface. General Ledger Funds

    Fixed the issue where the saved Titles & Descriptions in the GL Fund Detail would not appear after a new one was saved.

    General Ledger Funds
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-735Resolved issue where the billing statement sorting by date and semester was not properly sortingView Student Billing Statement
    Student FinancialsBugDEV-791Resolved an issue where a student's statement would not load if a transaction had a blank description fieldStudent A/R Ledger
    SystemEnhancementFB55972Complete new Menu Redesign UI Format has been releasedMain Menu Permissions
    SystemBugDEV-755Fixed issue with the student search bar producing an error while on various pages
    SystemBugDEV-761Fixed issue that showed a rejected file type error when uploading student images when the file uploaded successfully
    SystemBugDEV-782Fixed an issue where in certain cases the "Require password change" flag was selected for an account, the user wasn't required to change the passwordUsers
    Workflows, Activities and Database TriggersEnhancementDEV-779Expand Retention Field in Workflow Detail to 3 characters to allow for more than 2 digit adjustmentsCreating Workflows
    Workflows, Activities and Database TriggersBugDEV-756Fixed an issue where student's were unable to see their activities on their profile even though permissions were set correctlyPermissions
    Workflows, Activities and Database TriggersBugDEV-767Fixed an error that would occur when an activity tracking template would have a comma in its name; and also added prevention of commas being added to activity tracking namesCreating Activities

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