Constituent Detail
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Constituent Detail

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About Constituent Detail

Constituents are individuals with a relationship to your institution beyond an academic connection, including, but not limited to donors, parents or companies that hosts interns. Students and faculty may also have constituent records, if, for example, they donate to the institution.

Update Constituent Detail

  1. Navigate to the constituent
  2. Navigate to main menu > Person Selected > Constituent OR from the profile page click the Alumni / Dev Page and then the Constituent Type.

Constituent Codes: Categories to identify the type of consistent (e.g. donor, charitable foundation, parent, trustee, alumni, etc.) Options set using STParm MMCONS

Special Codes: Further refinement of a constituent code (e.g. trustee chair, class president, etc.) Options set using STParm MMSPEC

Club Codes: Categories of student life activities (e.g. chess club, student newspaper, football team, etc.) Options set using STParm MMCLUB

Other Codes: Categories defined by the institution. Options set using STParm MMOTHR

Solicitor Code: The individual assigned to work with the constituent. For example, to encourage a donation. Options set using STParm XXSLNO

Solicit Code: How the individual wishes to be contacted (e.g. email only, mail only, etc.) Options are delivered and may not be adjusted.

Career Network: A category that represents the industry of the individual. For example, individuals in the space industry may potentially assist placing aerospace engineering majors in internships. Options set using STParm MMNTWK

Prominent Code: A category to identify the importance of the individual (e.g. senior executive, junior executive, etc.) Options set using STParm MMPRCD

Major Business Type: The individual's overarching industry. Options set using STParm MMMABT

Specific Business Type: Further refinement of major business type. Options set using STParm MMSPBT

Major Title: The individual's job title. Options set using STParm MMMATI

Affluent Rating Code: A category to describe the individual's wealth and, likely, ability to donate. Options set using STParm MMAFRT

Income Code: A category to describe the individual's income and, likely, ability to donate. Options set using STParm MMSTIC

Target Code: A category to describe the individual's likeness of donating or target market. Options set using STParm MMSTTC

Spouse Employer Code: A category to describe the career status of the individual's spouse (e.g. employed, unemployed, etc.) Options set using STParm MMSECD

Extra Code: An institution-defined category. Options set using STParm MMEXTR

  1. Click Save

Viewing Your Constituents

Constituents assigned to the current user may be accessed using "Your Constituents" tile located on the alumni dashboard. This tile includes people AND organizations that have the current user assigned as the solicitor.  The ID of the solicitor should be added into the STPARM common app code just like the counselor code in admissions.

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