Creating Activities
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    Creating Activities

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    About Activities

    An activity is a collection of one or more workflows. The activity is associated with an individual in the system and may be used to store notes, send an email or text or as part of the retention module among other uses.

    Webinar Recording: Creating Workflows and Activities

    Create Activity

    1. Navigate to All Users > Activity Tracking Templates
    2. In the Member drop down choose a member
    3. In the Template name box enter a name for the template (once created, this name may not be changed)
    4. Click Add
      Description: A description of the activity
      Active: Blank indicates an active template; setting to inactive will not allow the activity to be assigned but will not affect historical assigned activities
      Admissions Portal Request Trigger: Optionally select an admissions trigger that will activate the workflow. The trigger must also be selected in the admissions portal configuration for the specific form.
      Quick Comment: Checking this box will display the activity in the Quick Comment drop down on the activities screen when assigning an activity to a specific individual, as shown below. When adding an activity from the Quick Comment drop down, it will automatically send the value of the workflow email body set to Mode Email Sent on Add to all email addresses defined as recipients in the workflow, including, if selected, the tracked person, advisors, counselors, faculty, preferred parents, and any addresses listed in the "To" section of the workflow, as outlined below.A screenshot of a computer 
Description automatically generated

      Is Queueable: Check to allow template to be assigned to a queue result.
      Constraints 1-9: The activity will only be assigned if certain criteria is met. The leftmost drop down represents the table (record) and field. The middle drop down represents the boolean operator. The far right box is the variable. For example, to limit the activity to individuals who first accepted major is journalism (JOR) the constraint would be the below:
      Note that all constraints must be true. The system essentially adds an AND at the end of each constraint.

    5. Associate Workflow(s) with Activity.
      To automatically create a workflow to associate with the activity, leave the Auto-create WorkFlow box checked and click Save. The workflow will appear at the bottom of the page. Click the icon under Work Flow Edit to configure the workflow.
      To associate the activity with an existing workflow, uncheck the Auto-create WorkFlow box. In the Work Flow Name drop down choose the workflow. Click Save. To add additional workflows to the activity, click Add New Workflow, select the workflow, click Save.

    Selected Template WorkFlow Fields 

    Detail Description: A description of the individual workflow

    Days Out: The due date will be set to the day the activity is assigned plus the number of days in this box

    Optional Default Comment #1 Text: Text will appear in the first comment box of the workflow

    Optional URL: A web link to associate with the workflow; if the workflow appears in the applicant or document portal, the link will display in the portal

    Optional Default Notes: The content here will appear automatically in the activity's long comment box when the activity is associated with an individual

    Prohibit Work Flow Repeat: Restrict the workflow to applying once per semester or once ever

    Assigned To ID#: Assign the workflow to a user in the Campus Cafe System

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