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    Document Portal

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    About Document Portal

    The document portal is separate from the application status portal. The document portal is intended to be used by students after their acceptance. It can be used as a to do list or to collect documents. For example, an institution may wish to indicate a student must upload an immunization record or sign an enrollment agreement. The document portal supports a third-party integration with DocuSign.

    The document portal can also be used by non-students such as faculty. For example, if an institution desired faculty to upload a copy of a resume or agreement to maintain student privacy.

    Document Portal Permissions

    • Permissions 1196 and 1198 control whether an individual can see his or her own document portal
    • Permissions  1197 and 1199 control whether an individual can see someone else's document portal
    • The permission group of the individual accessing the document portal must have access to the activity tracking member template (Admin > Tracking Perms)


    Items are assigned to a student's document portal by the assignment of an activity, which in turn comprises of one or more workflows.

    Create a workflow (All Users > Workflow Definitions). Refer to workflow documentation on setting up workflows.

    Specific requirements for workflows associated with a document portal

    • The Type must be document
    • The options under Attachment control whether the person associated with the activity (tracked person) can upload an attachment


    Items are assigned to an individual's document portal by the assignment of an activity, which in turn comprises of one or more workflows. The activity should include the workflow(s) to be assigned in the document portal.

    Create an activity (All Users > Activity Tracking Templates). Refer to activity tracking documentation on setting up activities.

    Individual Assignment of Activity

    Associate Activity With Individual to Show Required Document in Portal

    Activities can be manually assigned to an individual or applied in batch. Refer to associating activities with individuals documentation for more information

    Activities can also be automatically assigned by a certain event. For example, an applicant's admissions progress code changing to P - Deposited may trigger the assignment of an immunization requirement activity to the student's workflow. To automatically assign the activity, use a database trigger. Refer to database trigger documentation on setting up a database trigger.

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