Financial Aid Control
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Financial Aid Control

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About Financial Aid Control

Financial Aid Control sets the overall options for the financial aid, including what aid is visible to students.

Access Financial Aid Control

  1. Navigate to Student Financials   F/A Control

Add Control/Site

  1. Select Site that you would like to set up from "Add Site" dropdown.  For institutions with multiple campuses or multiple COD/FAFSA/Routing/Pell ID's.
  2. Click "Add Control" button
  3. Follow set settings listed in the sections below:

Set the Financial Aid Provider

  1. The financial aid provider informs the Campus Café platform where to expect incoming financial aid data. Campus Café supports data from ISIRS via the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) system, third-party servicer ECM or manual awards. The provider of data is set in the Export-Import Provider drop down. Selecting COD will tie origination fees to the delivered Campus Café dataset.
  2. Input OPE-ID# for Current Site
  3. Input FICE#/FAFSA School Code
  4. Select "ISIR App Config" from the dropdown to use for the current site.  This determines what Inquiry Portal App/Form config to use when an ISIR is imported for a person who does not exist in the system. This allows you to have different inquiries forms/notification emails by Site.

Set Controls

A control must be set for students to see verified or pending awards on their ledgers (bills)

  1. In the Current Semester box, select your currently active semester.
  2. In the Statement F/A View Semester box choose the semester of the awards to actively show on a student's statement.
    Note: This must be the semester furthest out in the future that is desired to be displayed. For example, if you want to show Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 on the student's billing statement, you must select Spring 2021 in this box.
  3. In the Payment Page F/A View Semester box, choose the semester of the awards to show on a student's Self Payment Page.  This is useful for institutions that bill for a full year, but only want to show the current semester on the student's statement.
  4. In the Current Year box, choose the year award year to display on the financial staff's side by default; this selection also determines what data is shown on the student profile's financial aid status tabs.
  5. Site Name is an optional description for the created Site; it is used only for reference.
  6. In the Current Packaging Semester box choose the default semester that Financial Aid Document Tracking Member will use when Tracking Activitiesunder are added manually.
    • Note: Documents triggered by an ISIR will be added according to the year of the ISIR.
  7. In the Highest Billing Semester choose a semester. On the Student Finder's amount due column only billing charges for this semester and prior will show. Choose semester 999999 to display charges for all semesters.

COD Configuration

The COD ID fields are required to be filled in for an institution to be able to use Campus Café's export/import functions for Origination and Disbursement of Federal Financial Aid.  For institutions with multiple campuses/sites; multiple F/A Control pages will need to be set up with there related COD ID's.

  • COD Direct Loan ID
  • COD Pell ID
  • COD Routing ID

Finding your ID's on COD

If you do not know your ID's for your institution or site you can find those numbers by logging into the COD website.

1. Click the "School" button to search for schools; type the full registered name of the school or type the entity ID and click search

2. Once found, click the red info button next to the site you would like review.

3. The first 4 ID's are what will be needed for your system.

4. Once all is completed for the Created Site, press "Save and Back"

5. Repeat if needed for multiple campuses.

  • For an new year to be listed in the "Current Year" drop down, at least one semester of the new year must be created in STParms under the SMDESC parameter.
  • Campus Café supplies updated Pell and Subsidized and Unsubsidized (Stafford) loan schedules

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