F/A Web App Configuration
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F/A Web App Configuration

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This Page/setting has been deprecated; please see "Financial Aid Control" page for COD ID setup.

About F/A Web App Configuration for Financial Aid

The Web App Configurations are settings for various connections internal to and external to the Campus Café software. For the financial aid module, there are a few Parameters that need to be input for proper exporting and importing of aid to and from the CPS/COD system.

Important COD Web App configuration settings

The following parameters need to be set for proper CPS/COD Origination and Disbursement of funds.

  • Primary IDs:
  • Secondary Campus ID's (only used for multiple campus institutions)
    • FA_COD_PELL_ID_2
  1. Navigate to Menu>Admin>Web App Config
  2. Check the box next to the Parameter you would like to input
  3. Enter the appropriate value and click update
  4. Once all Parameters are set properly refresh the web data cache by going to menu>admin>Refresh Data Cache and click "Reload Data"

Schools can have multiple ID's for different sites, and can input those as well.

Finding your ID's on COD

If you do not know your ID's for your institution or site you can find those numbers by logging into the COD website.

1. Click the "School" button to search for schools; type the full registered name of the school or type the entity ID and click search.

2. Once found, click the red info button next to the site you would like review.

3. The first 4 ID's are what will be needed for your system.

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