General Ledger Accounts
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    General Ledger Accounts

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    About GL Account Listing (General Ledger Accounts)

    General ledger accounts represent lines within a general ledger. For example, one general ledger account may represent tuition collected while another represents office supply expenses. 

    For institutions utilizing Campus Cafe's general ledger module the creation of general ledger accounts is required. Institutions not utilizing the general ledger module may still opt to create accounts to facilitate reconciliation between Campus Cafe and separate general ledger software.

    Transaction codes must be associated with a general ledger account. For institutions not utilizing the Campus Cafe general ledger module or seeking to reconcile by general ledger account number, a single account number can be tied to all transaction codes.

    Create General Ledger Account

    Permission #102 is required to access this function.

    1. Navigate to Accounting > GL Account Maintenance
    2. Click Submit
    3. Click New Record
      FY: Select the fiscal year associated with the account. Options set using STParm ZZFISC
      GL Account: A number representing the account. Sometimes referred to as an object code, five digits or fewer to categorize assets, revenue, expenses and liabilities. Campus Cafe recommends the account number structure follow industry standards. Typically assets are 1xxxx, liabilities are 2xxxx, equity or fund balances are 3xxxx, revenues are 4xxxx, salary/fringe are 5xxxx and general expenditures are 6xxxx or higher.
      Cost Center Number: The number of the cost center
      Title: Text describing the account
      Type: Not in use
      Line Number: A number further representing the account
      Periods: The starting dollar amount for each period. Automatically populated by the system. Adjusting Custom Control GLBALLOCK will allow a manual override of these amounts.
    4. Click Create

    General Ledger Accounts Example

    Below is an example of setting up general ledger accounts.

    Cost CenterGL AccountTitleLine NumberSubline Number
    110001                      Cash Checking125
    110005Cash Savings125
    110008Petty Cash125
    111000Accounts Receivable1210
    120000Accounts Payable425
    105040000Tuition Revenue725
    105040005Registration Fee Revenue7210
    105040007Late Fee Revenue7210
    105060000Telephone Expenses865

    Copy General Ledger Accounts

    This function permits institutions to duplicate accounts in one fiscal year to another.

    Permission #102 is required to access this function.

    1. Navigate to Accounting > GL Account Maintenance
    2. Click Copy
    3. In the Source Fiscal Year enter the fiscal year where the accounts already exist. Enter as FY#### (e.g. FY2122)
    4. In the Target Fiscal Year enter the fiscal year to copy the accounts to. Enter as FY#### (e.g. FY2122)
    5. Click Copy

    Fund Numbers

    Account fund numbers are set using a pattern based on the cost center. For example, all cost centers 9000-9100 could map to fund 5.

    Configure fund numbers:

    1. Navigate to Admin > Custom Control Maintenance
    2. Next to ProgramId GLFUND_MAP, Sequence 2, Parameter 1 click the pencil
    3. In Parameter Value 1 enter Y
    4. Click Save & Back
    5. Next to ProgramId GLFUND_MAP, Sequence 1, Parameter 1 click the pencil
    6. In the Parameter Value 1 box enter the fund number followed by a colon followed by the first cost center number followed by a dash followed by the last cost center number.
      For example, if cost centers 9000-9100 should map to cost center 5 then you would enter 5:9000-9100
    7. Click Save
    8. Add additional mappings in Parameter Values 2-10 (one mapping per box) or using ProgramId GLFUND_MAP, Sequence 3, Parameters 1-10
    9. Click Save
    10. Refresh the cache by navigating to Admin > Refresh Data Cache > reload data

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