General Ledger Lookup
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General Ledger Lookup

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About General Ledger Lookup

The general ledger (GL) lookup shows financial transactions booked to the general ledger.

General Ledger Lookup Configuration

In order for the General Ledger Lookup to produce intended results, a few settings need to be configured.

  1. STPARM (Admin Menu -> STPARM) Parameter Code ZZFISC: The parameter code ZZFISC needs an entry for each fiscal year to be queried. The value tends to be FYXXYY, where XX and YY are the year codes - for example FY2324 for the Fiscal Year 2023-2024. If a fiscal year is the same as a calendar year, FY2023 would represent Fiscal Year 2023.
  2. General Ledger Control (Accounting Menu -> GL Control) Current Fiscal Year: The Current Fiscal Year should be set in the General Ledger Control page, and should match the numeric values of an existing ZZFISC parameter code value (GL Current Fiscal Year 2324 for ZZFISC FY2324.)
  3. General Ledger Account Maintenance (Accounting Menu -> GL Account Maintenance) Accounts Set Up For Current Fiscal Year: The General Ledger Account entries have a Fiscal Year identifier, and need to have new Fiscal Year entries. For example, a General Ledger account "Payroll" would need to have a FY2223 entry, a FY2324 entry, and so on. There is a copy function on the General Ledger Account Maintenance page to copy all General Ledger accounts from one Fiscal Year to the next.
  4. General Ledger Funds (Accounting Menu -> GL Funds) Fiscal Year entry and dates: The General Ledger Funds table needs an entry for the current fiscal year, with appropriate period begin and end dates. There is a copy function on the General Ledger Funds page to copy the Fiscal Year entry from one year to the next.
  5. General Ledger Budget Table (Accounting Menu -> GL Budget) Account Entry: The General Ledger Budget table needs to have at least one account entry for the current fiscal year, even if the balance is zero. There is a copy function on the General Ledger Budget Table page to copy accounts from one fiscal year to the next.

Access General Ledger Lookup

Permission #812 is required to access this function.

Specific cost centers and cost center groups shown are controlled by cost center permissions.

  1. Navigate to Accounting > GL Lookup
  2. Select the Cost Center, Cost Center Group or PET Number
  3. Choose additional criteria
  4. Click Submit
  5. A new screen appears; use the magnifying glass to display detail for each GL account; use the Export to Excel to download detail for each GL account

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