Group Billing
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Group Billing

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About Group Billing

This process is used to bill a group of students' fees based upon each student's billing rules/major. Site determination, health insurance, and housing charges are determined by the data contained in the student's Session Data record for the billing semester. Any student without a session data record for the semester will appear as an error in the Batch Errors window.  If site is overridden in the enrollment detail, that site will be used for all course fees for the course in question.  It does not affect the site billing rules that is used or calculation of fees designated in the billing rules.  

Each time group billing is run, a new batch is created, thereby allowing multiple users to run group billing simultaneously.

Before Running Group Billing

Group billing relies on the following:

  • Billing rules established
  • The student is enrolled in a major concentration defined in the billing rules
  • A student's billing site set on the student session detail page
  • The student has a billing site for which a billing rule exists (billing rules may be configured to be site agnostic.)

Run Group Billing

  1. Navigate to Student Financials > Group Billing
    Billing Semester: This field contains the semester for which the charge is applied.
    Include Unenrolled Freshmen: Check this box to bill un-enrolled freshman students, the default number of credits listed on this screen. Un-enrolled Freshmen are defined as follows: 1) Students with an admissions entering semester equals to the billing semester entered on this screen and 2) students with an admissions progress code of P (deposited) and 3) the student's admissions part-time code is blank

    Include Unenrolled From Session Data: This checkbox is used to indicate students who have a session data record for the Billing Semester but are not enrolled, should be billed the default number of credits contained in Credits: Min FT Def:.  
    Use Site Filter: This checkbox is used to indicate billing should only occur for the sites specified in the Sites to Bill Field. All students in other sites will be skipped.
    Sites to Bill (csv): This field is used to specify the sites to be billed if the Use Site Filter is checked. This field accepts comma separated values to bill more than one site. The sites entered are preserved in Custom Control/MSPARM MTX_SITES, Sequence 1, Parameter 1, when process is selected and will appear in the field the next time Billing rules Billing Batch Transfer in chosen.
    Limit to Student Type: Restrict billing to students in the selected category. Type of student is set on the Student Codes page.
  2. Click Process Group Billing
  3. Review the Process Output Messages for errors; if errors stop and resolve errors before proceeding
  4. Click Transfer

Understanding Errors

If the Process Output Messages box returns students, this typically means there is a disconnect between the students being billed and the rules. Put another way, these errors imply that a student is in a billing site or major without a corresponding billing rule. 

The numbers preceding the colon indicate the student's ID number. Following the ID number is the student's site. The last segment of text is the error.

MTX:NO_MATRIX means the system could not find a billing rule associated with the student's major concentration and/or billing site.

Missing SessionData(HOHIST) means the student does not have session data for the term of enrollment.

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