JE Batch Editor
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JE Batch Editor

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Article Summary

Journal Entry Batch

This screen is used to add/update records to the General Ledger Journal Entry Batch File.

Add Journal Entry

  1. Navigate to Accounting > JE Batch Edit
  2. Enter the Journal Entry Book
  3. The book number is predetermined based upon the last book number posted to the Journal Entry
    Book + 1.   This is to prevent multiple entries to the same book and number, keeping all book - book numbers unique by batch.
  4. Click in the Cost Center box to select the general ledger account (Cost Center, GL Account)
  5. The GL Account will fill automatically based upon selection in Cost Center pop up
  6. If a PET number is associated with the entry, select it from the drop down.
  7. Enter a Description
  8. Enter an Amount
  9. Click Add to Batch.   Record just entered will appear below and the fields for the next record in the batch will be cleared for entry of the next line, except Book and Book Number.
  10.  Enter additional lines of the journal entry, clicking add to batch after each entry.
  11. When entry is complete, and total of all amounts equal zero, the batch can be posted by adding a batch date and clicking post.

Reverse Signs - Click this button to reverse the signs in the batch.

Retrieving a Posted Batch

To option to retrieve a posted batch is only available when the user does not have an existing batch.   Only batches posted after the last posting date in GL Control (periods which have not been closed) are available for retrieving.   The retrieve defaults to posted batches and can be changed by clicking the checkbox for recurring.

Click in the Select a Batch to Retrieve to see the available batches to retrieve.  The drop down includes Book:Book Number(System Batch Number).   

To retrieve the batch (removes a posted batch) and put it into the users batch, select the batch and click on Retrieve Batch. 

Here line items can be selected to be edited, deleted or additions can be made to the batch.

After Adjusting the batch, it must be reposted.  Select a date and click post batch to post the changed batch.  Even if no changes are made the batch must be reposted after being retrieved or the batch will no longer exist.

Creating a Recurring Batch

To create a recurring batch from the current batch, key in a recurring batch name and click Create Recurring Batch.  

Retrieving a Recurring Batch

To Retrieve a Recurring Batch, select the recurring batch checkbox, then Select a Batch to Retrieve.    The recurring batch will be moved to the user's current batch but will remain a recurring batch to retrieve again and again.

Once a recurring batch is retrieved, entries can be selected for edit, deletion, or additional lines may be added to the batch. When selecting a recurring batch, General Ledger book number is increased from highest in GL recurring batch. 

Once all adjustments have been made, the batch is posted to the general ledger by selection a posting date and clicking Post Batch.

Delete Recurring Batch

To Delete a Recurring batch, select the batch from the drop down and click on Delete Recurring.

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