People Profiles
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People Profiles

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People Profiles

The profile screen offers an overview of the individual. Access to various aspects of the screen – referred to here as tabs – are controlled by permissions. A user must log out and log in again for the change the take effect.


People Profile Permissions

The permissions below are for the logged in user to see information for other users.

Removing the parent module entirely from the permission groups for staff will make configuring people profile permissions easier. The parent module is needed only for the permission group for third parties such as parents. See third-party access documentation.
Item (Top Portion of Screen)
Mobile Phone1007
Smartphone Icon to Send Text1092
ID Number1105 (ID number), 983 (link to update biographical info)
Current Status232, 946 (RO to make internal degree read only), 947 (RO to make external degree read only)
Status History296 (RO to make semester status read only)
Holds674 (Academic), 675 (Financial), 676 (Student), 768 (Housing), 769 (Health)
Last Day of Attendance (LDA)
Last Updated2007
Item (Summary Contact Tab)
Tab Itself358, 1212
Date of Birth1024
Gender Identity1255
Emergency Contact1034
Mobile Phone1007
Home Phone997
Work Phone1003
Home Address996
Billing Address998
Item (Admissions Tab)Permission
Tab Itself1213
Inquiry Date10
Application Date3
Admission Progress Code3
Application (button)3
Admission Activity (button)890
Admissions Counselor3
Entering Semester3
Applied to Program3
Accepted Program3
Admissions Site CodeNo field permission, access to tab grants access to this field
Application Status3
Application Amount Paid3
Tuition Deposit3
Housing Deposit Paid3
Financial Aid Status2013
Submitted Application Documents1197 and 1199
Item (Student Degree Tab)Permission
Tab Itself232, 720 (parent), 1214
Transcript (button)503, 715 (parent)
Degree Audit (button)231, 717 (parent)
Enrollment History (button)229, 716 (parent)
Register for Classes (button)228
Item (Financial Tab)Permission
Tab Itself48, 1215
Payment Status (Evaluates all scheduled disbursement dates for all the student's financial aid transactions regardless of award or year. If any scheduled dates are prior to today and the award has not been disbursed, the system will set Payment Status to Overdue.)No field permission, access to tab grants access to this field
Billing Statement (button)375, 719 (parent)
Ledger Card (button)48
Make a Payment (button)496
Item (Financial Aid Tab)Permission
Tab Itself1216, 2013
The data shown on this tab is reflective of the current year set on Financial Aid Control (Student Financials > F/A Control). If the student has no data from that year, the most recent data prior to the specified current year is displayed.
Packaging (ISIR)1142
Item (Alumni / Dev Tab)Permission
Tab Itself1217
Constituent Type1068
Item (Relationships Tab)
Tab Itself963, 1207, 1218
Item (Sessions Tab)
Tab Itself1032, 1219
Roommate Email1221
Roommate Cell1222
Roommate Id#1223
Item (Activities Tab)
Tab Itself (logged in user profile)1209
Tab Itself (other users)1220
Activities (your activities)1198
Activities (other users)890 or 1199

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