Quality Point Listing (Grade Scheme)
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Quality Point Listing (Grade Scheme)

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About Quality Points

 The Quality Point Maintenance page allows institutions to set final course grades and their quality points.

Grades can be set by semester to accommodate if the grading scheme has changes from semester to semester. The grading scheme is not required to be set up for every semester. The system will default to the most recent semester if none is specifically defined for a semester.

Configure Quality Points

Providing a blank grade as an option is mandatory for many operations of the system, including pre-requisites, and integrations with other systems such as a learning management system.   In determining the properties of any grade, the system will first look to an alternate grade semester (if one is specified in the course), the actual course semester, then the 0 semester record if neither of the first 2 options finds a match.
  1. Navigate to Registrar > Quality Point Maintenance
  2. Campus Café delivers the most common grades. To edit a grade, check the box and click edit selected.
  3. Complete the fields as called for by your academic policies and business processes
    Quality Points: The numerical equivalent of a grade used to calculate GPA
    Earns Credit: Check if the grade will be added to the semester and cumulative earned credit totals. For example, an F typically does not earn credit so this box would not be checked for an F.
    Grade to Print: Grade to show on transcript. Otherwise will default to grade
    Zero QP Weighting: This field holds a decimal quality point to give weighting to a zero quality point grade for purposes of finding a high grade when checking duplicate enrollments. This means that an “F” , a zero quality point grade can be given a weighting value of 0.03, a “W”, another zero quality point grade can be given a weighting value of 0.01 and a “P”, another zero quality point grade can be given a weighting value of 1.00. This means that if there were 3 duplicate enrollments with these respective grades the “P” grade will be selected as the highest grade to use and the other grades will be reversed out of the GPA.
    Undergrad Only: Restrict grade to undergraduates
    Usable by Faculty for Deficiency: Allow grade to be entered by faculty on course rosters as a deficiency grade
    Withdrawal Grade: This will prevent the student from receiving a grade in the course
    In Progress Grade: Grade counts toward in progress credit
    Waiver Grade: Utilized by the degree audit system to indicate that a course is being waived
    Is Audit Grade: Optionally assists with billing rules.
    Force Pre Req Met: If checked denotes that this quality point will meet a course’s prerequisite regardless of numeric quality point
    Default Transfer Grade: Check to make grade the default grade assigned to transfer credit. Many institutions choose T.
    Adds to Cum: Grade counts toward semester and cumulative credits/GPA
    Adds to Credit Taken: Grade counts toward semester and cumulative credits
    Usable by Faculty for Final: Faculty may assign any grade in the table unless permissions restrict their permission group to only grades with this checked
    Description: Description of grade (e.g. average)
    Transfer Grade: Indicates grade is associated with a transfer (or test) course. This grade will be available when posting transfer/test credit. Classes with this grade will count toward transfer credit in the degree audit footer.
    Non Dupe Grade: If checked any enrollment with this grade as a final grade will not be treated as a duplicate even if retaken
    Pass/Fail Grade: If checked any enrollment with this grade will be treated as a Pass or Fail. This impacts the Transcript and Degree Audit grade to print.
    Incomplete Grade: A placeholder grade indicating student has not completed work
    Visible by Parent: Grade may be seen by a parent
    Gradebook Score Mapping From: This is the minimum numeric course gradebook score required to achieve this final course grade.  The gradebook score has 2 decimal places.  Be sure to include 2 decimal places to prevent gaps between grades.   For example, if the Grade of B+ has Gradebook Score mapping To of 89 and an A- has a Gradebook Score Mapping From 90, a score of 89.55 would result in a "null" final grade due to the gap.
    Gradebook Score Mapping To: The maximum numeric course gradebook score that achieves this final course grade. Please be sure to include 2 decimals to avoid gap indicated above. Every context using gradebook score grade will only include quality points records where the Gradebook Score Mapping To is not 0.     
  4. Click Update
  5. After making adjustments, run the Refresh Data Cache by navigating to Admin > Refresh Data Cache and clicking reload data to see the change immediately.

Configure Alternate Grading Schemes

Your institution may require multiple (alternate) grading schemes if final course grades for different courses equate to different quality points. Such a scenario may occur if:

  • Final course grade options presented to faculty differ by course. For example, all math courses allow instructors to award an A+ but biology courses do not. Alternate grading schemes are typically not needed to create a pass/fail option. Instead, on the Quality Points screen mark pass/fail grades as pass/fail and on the course's Course tab indicate Grading Method 1 as pass/fail.
  • The grading scale has changed over time. For example, prior to the Fall 2020 term a B+ earned a student 3.5 quality points. Starting in Fall 2020, a change in your institution’s academic policy means a B+ will now contribute 3.0 quality points. However, your institution wishes to preserve students’ quality points and GPAs for semesters prior to the change.

An alternate grading scheme is generally not required if the institution is merely adding or removing a grade. If a grade will no longer be in use, the grade must remain on the Quality Points screen but the institution may wish to uncheck Use by Fac Final to prevent instructors from assigning the grade.

Campus Café supports a maximum of four grading schemes.

Create alternate grading scheme in STParm 

  1. Navigate to Admin > STParm Maintenance 
  2. In the Parameter Code box enter SMDESC
  3. In the Parameter Value box enter 999991, 999992 or 999993 (each is a different grading scheme)
  4. Click Add
  5. In the Description enter text to describe the alternate grading scheme
  6. Click Save
  7. Refresh the cache by navigating to Admin > Refresh Data Cache > reload data

Make Semester Active

  1. Navigate to Registrar > Registration Control
  2. Click Add
  3. In the Semester box enter the value of the STParm (e.g. 999991)
  4. Click fill in default values
  5. Click Save

Configure Quality Points and Grades

The existing quality points configuration should typically be left unchanged. Instead, you will add anew all grades associated with the new grading scheme. 

  1. Navigate to Registrar > Quality Point Maintenance
  2. Click New Record
  3. In the Semester box choose the alternate grade scheme 
  4. Enter information for a grade permissible under the new grading scheme
  5. Click create
  6. Changes take effect overnight

Configure courses

Only course sections tied to your new alternate grading scheme will respect it. For every course section that should follow the new alternate grading scheme it must be associated with it. If the new alternate  grading scheme applies to all courses going forward, Campus Cafe recommends tying all courses in the catalog semester (999999) to the alternate grading scheme so when they are scheduled to future semesters, the alternate grading scheme is already set. Please note updating the catalog will have no affect on already scheduled courses, including those that may start in the future.

  1. Navigate Filters > Courses
  2. Locate the course to associate with an alternate grading scheme
  3. Next to the course to tie to an alternate grading scheme click the magnifying glass
  4. Click the Codes tab
  5. In the Alternative Grade Semester choose the desired grading scheme
  6. Click Save


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