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    About Reports

    Campus Cafe provides a number of methods of retrieving data from the system. Which method depends on the business case and user's Campus Cafe security.

    People Finders

    People Finders allow users to build an ad hoc report by setting filters. The results may be downloaded to Excel for further analysis. 

    Refer to the People Finder documentation and the Student Finder documentation for additional information.

    Base Reports

    Campus Cafe delivers base reports written in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

    Access Base Reports

    1. Navigate to Faculty/Staff > Base Reports
    2. Log in with the server credentials
    3. A list of folders appear organized by functional category. Click a folder
    4. Click a report
    5. In the Database Code enter the institution's Campus Cafe issued database code
    6. Set any other criteria
    7. Click View Results

    Custom SSRS Reports

    Campus Cafe, by request, will provide a copy of the database to clients. Clients may write their own reports and run them against a daily export of the database or request that Campus Cafe install them in base reports.

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