Semester Status Codes
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Semester Status Codes

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About Semester Status Codes 

Status codes may be used to record historical academic record information regarding a student's status each semester. Examples are leave of absence, dean's list, academic probation, and other notations regarding the student’s academic record.

 Create Semester Status Code

  1. Navigate to Registrar > Semester Status Codes
  2. Click New Record

Status Code: Internal code representing the status

Description: Description of the status. This will print on the transcript if custom control TRANS_CUST, Sequence 5, Parameter 1 is set to Y. If set to N, the Transcript Comment entered while placing the status on the student will print.

Prints External: The status will always display on the transcript, including on the unofficial transcript displayed to a student.

Prints Internal: The status will display on the transcript if the user checks Use Internal Status Codes when generating the transcript. User must have access to permission #702 to see this box.

Print No Date: Checking will exclude the status date from the transcript

Is Withdrawal: Checking indicates the status is a withdrawal

Is Leave of Absence: Checking indicates a leave. A student on a leave will not be expected to attend class when attendance percentage is calculated. Class attendance may not be entered during a time when a student is on leave. When a leave of absence is entered for a student, the system will delete any existing class attendance records during the leave of absence period.

Show on Audit: Checking will show the status on the degree audit

Transcript Font Style: Choose the font

Transcript Position: Choose where to display the status on the transcript

D: Detail Section: Pre-GPA Default: Text will appear above the GPA statistics for the semester of which the status is tied to

H: Header Section: Text will appear at top of transcript and be labeled “Honors”

E: Detail Section: Pre-All Enrollment: Text will appear under the semester Description and before enrollment for the semester of which the status is tied to

P: Detail Section: Post-GPA: Text will appear below the GPA statistics for the semester of which the status is tied to

Is Honors Header: Indicates the status is a degree honor; if appearing on transcript must be associated with the header section transcript position; not all transcript designs support degree honors.

Deactivated: Check to suppress status as an option when assigning a status to a student; has no impact on existing records

  1.  Click Create
  2. A system restart is required for the status to show on a transcript. The system restarts automatically overnight.

Delete Status Code

A status code can be deleted even if attached to a student. However, the status will no longer appear on the transcript or in finder menus. As such, Campus Cafe does not recommend deleting status codes applied to students. The system will not warn that the status is attached to a student upon deletion.
  1. Navigate to Registrar > Semester Status Codes
  2. Check the box next to the status code to delete
  3. Click Delete Selected

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