Student Financing Review and Acceptance
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Student Financing Review and Acceptance

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Student Financial Aid Review and Acceptance

Students can review and accept their financial financing in the student portal by navigating to the financial aid status page. For federal loans, students may accept a lower amount or decline them. Students may not change amounts for non-loan awards. Once accepted, the award status can be automatically updated if desired (e.g. changed to Verified).

Once a student has accepted financing, the accepted amounts are locked from the student's perspective until the student is either repackaged, a scheduled amount has been manually updated by an administrator for the student to re-accept, or the administrator manually clears the student's acceptance of their aid.  The amount of aid accepted for loans will change the scheduled amount that will be used for the COD Origination and Disbursement Exports.

To meet federal guidance on electronic acceptance, the user id who accepted the financing, the timestamp, and IP address are recorded.

Disbursements can still be exported regardless if aid has been accepted or not electronically.


  • #2021 under "My Info" - Allows an administrator to Clear Acceptance
  • #2022 under "My Info" - Allows a user or student to accept financing from the Financing Review page. Institutions that do not wish to allow students to accept aid electronically set permission to N/A to hide the "Accept Plan" button.

Award Code Maintenance Settings for Enabling Loan Adjustments

For amount adjustments to be enabled for loan acceptance, the corresponding award code must be set to a "DL" Packaging Award Type in the F/A Award Code Maintenance.

Accepting Financing From Review Financing Page

  • For students, navigate to Review Financing page by going to Menu > My Info > Financial Aid Status > Then Select "Review Financing" Tab (some institutions may choose to link this to the student portal homepage)
  • For administrators, navigate to Review Financing page by following the same steps above, or by clicking the "Review Financing" button on the Financial Aid tab of the student's profile.
  1.  A customizable instructional pop-up will appear upon navigating to the page; you can choose to only show this message only once or to show ever time a user navigates to the page (settings listed down below).
  2. Select Current Award Year (or Academic Year for BBAY institutions)
  3. Review Original and Scheduled Amounts
    1.  User's can also print an estimated funding letter by clicking the Print button at the bottom of the grid; for more information on how this award letter is configured please visit Funding Estimate (Award Letter).
  4. Type in lesser amount for loan if desired (amounts greater than original scheduled amount or less than zero are not accepted)
    1. In regards to Federal guidelines, if a student requests a Subsidized loan amount lower than the original package amount, the student is ineligible to receive Unsubsidized loans and will automatically Zero/Cancel out the Unsubsidized loan after displaying a warning to the student.
  5. Once the amounts are reviewed or edited, click "Accept Plan".
    1. A customizable acceptance pop-up window will appear for the user to finally review the instructions/disclaimer and accept the aid.
  6. Once accepted, the Accepted Scheduled Amount will update on the administrative side, and lock the acceptance page for the student.  All financial aid disbursement pages will show the Original Amount and the Scheduled Amount.
  7. To clear and unlock the loan acceptance as an administrator click on the "Clear Loan Acceptance".  This will remove the accepted user and timestamp, and then allow the scheduled amount to be changed and accepted again.
If a user repackages a student through the F/A Packaging page, or if an administrator changes a scheduled amount manually before origination, the Acceptance will be cleared; as a student is required to re-accept their loans when the amounts are adjusted.

Customizing Instructions

Instructions Pop-Up

The text on the Review Financing pop-up when first visiting the page may be adjusted.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Adjustable Text Maintenance
  2. Locate FA_ACCEPT_INST
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to FA_ACCEPT_INST
  4. In the Value box enter the desired text (HTML supported)
  5. Click Save
  6. Refresh the cache by navigating to Admin > Refresh Data Cache > reload data

    If you want to disable the ability for a user to never show the instructional popup again, please add the following html to the end of this Text Maintenance Parameter


    #noshowagain {



    #noshowagain + label{

    font-size: 0px;



Instructions for Accept Plan button Pop-Up

The text for the Pop-Up after clicking the Accept Plan button may be adjusted.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Adjustable Text Maintenance
  2. Locate FA_ACCEPT_CONFIRM1 and 2
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to FA_ACCEPT_CONFIRM1 or 2
  4. In the Value box enter the desired text (HTML supported)
  5. Click Save
  6. Refresh the cache by navigating to Admin > Refresh Data Cache > reload data

Auto-Updating Award Status Code Upon Acceptance

Award Status Codes can be updated to the desired Code automatically upon a student accepting disbursements.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Custom Control Maintenance 
  2. Search for FA_ACCEPT
  3. Click the pencil icon next to FA_ACCEPT
  4. In Parameter Value 1 input desired value for the award once a student accepts their aid; If the value is left blank, no update to the award status will take place.
    (For example, if the letter "V" was input when a student accepted their aid for the year, the awards would receive a "V-Verified" status and would then show and calculate on the student's statement as verified.)
  5. Click Save
  6. Refresh the cache by navigating to Admin > Refresh Data Cache > reload data

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