2021 Release Notes
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2021 Release Notes

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Article Summary

Version 2021

The below describes a summary of updates to the Campus Cafe platform released in January 2021. To view ongoing updates, please visit the Monthly Build Release notes.

We are pleased to announce the official release of V2021 of Campus Café. Version 2021 contains many new features as well as improvements to existing code.

We have added many new institutions to our client base this year and our continued growth assures that our product will continue to evolve as a leading provider of ERP software to the educational community. We have also added additional staff who are working on further building out our application and support infrastructure.

Please note that there may be some overlap from the V2020 announcement to V2021. This is especially true if the feature was released late in the prior cycle or if there are significant fixes/enhancements for the prior year features.

We have also added a new knowledge base (campuscafesoftware.com/support) in addition to the other documentation on our web site. This can be of great help in understanding some of the new features highlighted here.

The release notes attached will include more detailed lists of enhancements and fixes. The notes are broken down into separate sections so that users can review enhancements, with more technical items (database changes, new permissions, parameters, etc.) at the end of this document. Many client functions have been replaced with web applications and will be deprecated in V2020. These will be noted in the highlights below with a *.

We have also highlighted any major new enhancements or feature with **.

For our On Premise Customers, please note V2020 will only be functional until February 28, 2021 and that V2021 must be installed by that date. It is strongly recommended that you request a download of V2021 from our help desk so that you can begin testing and getting familiar with the new version as soon as possible. Our help desk will assist you with installing new versions in your test or production environments. Setting up and maintaining the test environment is the responsibility of the customer.

For on premise installations, the following are Recommended Minimum Specifications for hardware, software, and operating systems:
OS: 64-bit Windows Server 2018
SQL: 64-bit SQL Server 2017
TOMCAT: 64-bit Tomcat 9038
Crystal Reports: 2013
Crystal Reports Reader: Saber Logicity

Note About Permissions

It is recommended that all users review the section for new Custom Controls and Permissions. In many cases this helps to discover new features and functions. Please remember that new permissions are set to “no access” by default so it is important to make sure you are given access where applicable by your system administrator.

Highlights for V2020

Knowledge Base

Allows simple search tool to get instructions and help for selected topics.

Two Way Texting

Ongoing conversations can now be stored in a single activity tracking record.


Dashboards can now be configured for admissions counselors, academic advisors, financial aid advisors and faculty. The dashboard can display tiles with outstanding work flows (e.g. daily call list, outstanding documents, etc.). It will also display a list of current prospects or advisees and other frequently used buttons and feature. See knowledge base for additional information.

Admissions dashboard progress code change

Selecting a result on an activity can automatically change a progress code to a new stage and trigger a new drip or cadence based on the change.

Database Trigger System

This function will allow triggering of an event when any entry is made to the audit log. Since the audit log is designed to capture a wide array of changes to the database, this will centralize event-based triggering.

For example, you may want to trigger an activity for any of the following: a student status changes, an enrollment is added or dropped, a grade is changed, a financial aid verification status is changed, or others.

The process is summarized here. Create a template/workflow. Use the interface on the ADMIN menu to create a trigger. Generally, you will select a table name/field name from a drop down, specify the from and to value that you want to be the event trigger, and then select the template from the dropdown list that you wish to invoke.

Please note that the trigger invokes an event that goes into a job queue to actually create the activity tracking record. This is generally set to run every 60 seconds, so there may be a slight delay before you see the record in the person's activity tracking page. This is designed this way to prevent rush conditions or locks if many activities are being triggered simultaneously.

SSRS Reporting

Many new reports have been developed and additional Crystal Reports have been rewritten in SSRS for the web. Cloud customers automatically receive access to all SSRS reports. SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) is a tool available in the Visual Studio suite that allows development and deployment of sophisticated reports. The advantages of this approach include:

  • Easy web deployment of reports.
  •  No need for client based development tools.
  •  Included with Microsoft SQL with no additional license fees.
  •  The base reports can be accessed through a URL. Our default access to these reports is typically using a custom link on the faculty/staff menu. We continue to replace existing base Crystal Reports with SSRS reports including IPEDS reports. (see list in reporting detail section). In cases where the report has not been replaced, the existing reports can still be found in the client reporting menus or accessible through your file system.
  • Campus Café Web now provides the ability to view database table and column names when hovering over a field. This is permissions based.

User Interface

Additional functions have been moved to the web. You will also see many new redesigned pages.

Enrollment Query Tool
This feature allows for internal query capability for individual enrollment details including final grades and credits available on the student finder.

Color Customization Page
Allows changing of colors and other look and feel variables for the user interface.

Image and Photo Upload

This feature allows for uploading images (e.g. your logo and other page headers) and photos through the web interface.

Billing Rules
Optional transactional billing rule interface. This allows more flexibility in adding rules that apply specific groups of students.

Module Features

(Programs that are deprecated on the Client will be noted with *)
(Programs that are major new features or enhancements will be noted with **)


• **Added Admissions Dashboard feature.
• Admissions Dashboard now defaults to only show items due through today. Option added to view future activities as well.
• Added inquiry and app minors to people finder filter and grid.
• **Mass Lead Assignment -deployed the ability to mass assign an admissions counselor to a group of leads or applicants returned in the Prospect Finder.
• **Added Inquiry History Table to Hold Previous Inquiries. Adding new inquiry will no longer Blank Out certain Biographical Fields such as DOB, Counselor.
• **Round Robin counselor assignment. Can now use multiple variables and parameters.
• **Added selected progress codes to change in queue results. Setting a result can now automatically change the progress code on the prospect record.
• Added D and B to queue result progress code drop down. B (bad lead) and D (Do not contact) can now be auto set based on result selected.
• Admissions dashboard people now exclude progress codes in Custom Control ADMDASHPRG.
• Make ssn mandatory on Application if us citizen or resident alien portal config - Needed to remove the required from ssn.
• **Added 6 Employment Related Fields to Inq/App/Stu Finders & Adm Portal & App Detail/History.
• Added Nick Name as a Filter in all People Finders Except Org - Nick name was not on any finder.
• Add counselor to admission API lead import.
• Added Lead URL As A Field To Open API lead import feature.
• Add the Ability to Capture the High School Grad Month to the Portal. Added as filter and used in IPEDs reporting.
• If progress code changes on Applicant Detail Page, Permission Group Will Changein real time Based on Custom Control SYUSCHGGRP 2,3, & 4.
• Inq/App/Stu Finder- add counselor decoded to grid.
• Add Form Used for Entry on admissions finder filter and grid.
• Added High School Grad Month To Adm Portal, Holding Table, and Inq/App page.
• Tracking adding from different members. use form default to control whether other member tracking can be triggered from the application.


• Default for Gift Transactions Checkboxes. Default is now set to show all types (soft credits etc/)/
• Add deceased flag to profile page. Only displays label if person is deceased.
• Display transaction code when posting gift batch.
• added export of ids to RPT_PEOPLE_FINDER_SET from gift finder.
• Alumni Finder First Name Filter can now Search for Spouse First Name.
• *Moved Alumni Fund Maintenance To Cafeweb And Removed From Café.

• **Add record for present to attendance table when taking attendance - when adding any attendance to a day on the course roster it adds an attendance record to all people on that day in the course unless they are the following: withdrawn, past degree end
• Enforce attendance start and end date overrides in enrollment table RGENRL.
• Attendance Threshold Calculation Now Excludes Unsuccessful Courses.
• Batch student schedules can now be created in excel format.
• Added site filter to attendance date exception interface when adding exception for 1 or more classes - When trying to find the classes to add exceptions to, now there is a site filter so you can add an exception to classes only in a certain site.
• Add last date attended to profile if filled in.
• *Moved Course Dates Creation to Cafeweb.
Student Financials
• Exclude International Students from 1098-T's if a student's international code is set to Y.
• *Moved AR aging process dialog from client to web.
• Added ARMAST ADDREC to audit log & database trigger. Can now trigger templates based on addition of ledger card entries.
• Change label Housing to Session on profile and interface.
• Add billing RULE_CODE to session row interface and grid.
• **Added billing rules transaction table to replace 15 bucket billing rule table. Includes billing rule from session data that can control billing line items.
• Transaction Code - Expand Transaction Code maintenance to allow for the expanded 15 position bill code.
• Allow armast edit of award year, award code, and award disb seq number on ar transaction detail page.
• Sign Up Now Payment Screen Can Now Hide Rows and Force Exact Payment amount.
• Payment Screen Printable Version Now Includes Payment Plan if Exists.
• Credit Card Receipt Verbiage. Adjustable Text Maintenance PAY_CONF_MAIL_BODY and PAY_CONF_MAIL_SUBJ.
• Add site to Cash Batch Screen.
• add billing site and billing rule on bill batch grid

CRM/ Activity Tracking

• Added ability to save default text clob in a template - This is copied over when the tracking item is added.
• Past Due Jobs: Add Flag For invalid if restricted by progress code.
• Progress Code on All Users-Activity Tracking Listing is Now Decoded
• ** Allow saving of activity tracking filters by user. Similar to people finders.
• Add progress code to activity tracking page.
• Need Time in Activity Tracking detail.
• Add Inquiry date as column to activity tracking results.
• Add admissions progress code as column on Activity Tracking.

General Ledger

• *Moved Project Detail To Cafeweb 2020 With Filter and Removed From Cafe 2020 Version
• *Moved GL Control To Cafeweb And Removed From Cafe - make cost center mandatory and don't allow drop downs for account field. Don't allow changing of any balances if GLBALOCK is off.
• *Moved GL Account Maintenance To Cafeweb.
• *Moved Session Data Copy to Cafeweb.
• Added audit log entry for counselor field upon add of STBIOS - Added audit log entry when counselor is added from Adm Portal.
• **Change student email preference when degree status is changed to one in a list. - Preferred email gets updated based on Custom Control SYUSSTMAIL 1-5:Is a list of comma separated degree status that will trigger the change.
• Added rule code to filter and grid for Student Finder - FYI for Q/A and/or Documentation.
• Removed Character limits in People Finder Filters.
• Email - Expanded Address input to 255 on Email Detail Page.
• Display alternate student id on profile page.
• **Duplicate checking now allows removing certain matches based on Custom Controls. First and last, first and street, last and street.
• Improved Speed When Editing Activity Tracking Templates.
• Added additional fields to download found in Alumni and other finders. Spouse, Marital Status Code, Spouse Last, salutation,death date, former name, spouse marital status, spouse former name.
• Add ability to change labels of advisor fields on profile page.
• **Add student services (advising) dashboard.
• Workflow Definition Now Has Mode to Store Default Text Message.
• Clock Hour Report Rows Are Now Purple If Attendance Was Taken With No Hours and Not Absent.
• Saving of Holds Now Can Be Used For Database Triggers.
• Need a way to hide inactive advisors in the list, Uses inactive flag.
• Add Date Completed Column in Document Portal.

Registration/Student Services

• ** Add enrollment query tool from finder. Use the course semester to filter and you can now get individual enrollments listed for each student.
• Add language filter and grid on admissions and student finder.
• *Moved Degree Audit Groups To Cafeweb And Remove From Cafe.
• *Moved Classroom Copy To Cafeweb; Removed Classroom Maintenance From Café.
• *Moved Multi student enrollment drop from Cafe to Web.
• Sign Up Now Form Will Create Degree Row With Major On Form if Degree Row Does Not Exist. It will not overlay an existing degree row.
• 2nd & 3rd degree minor are now included when searching for minor on Student Finder.
• Need to calculate final grade of A,B,C,D,F from gradebook. Quality points table now has ranges that will create the letter grade on the gradebook input/display grid.
• Can Now Use Sign Up Now Form Even if Logged In. This enables the student to pay for 2 courses without logging out.
• Always print long description for majors and degrees at bottom of Transcript Space for Concentrations.
• Final Grades Options Now Can Be Pass/Fail Based On Grading Method - This is in the Course Roster, Edit Enrollment, and Add/Edit Enrollment From Basket. If grading method 1, 2, or 3 is PF in the Course Detail Page then Final Grade Values are determined by
• Change label on registration control from semester billable active - changed "Semester Billing Active?" to "Temporary Billing Active".
• *Moved Batch Enrollment From Spreadsheet Process from cafe to Cafeweb.
• Code Array Restriction on 408 (Transcript) Now Prevents Access to Grade Reports.
• Changed some labels on degree detail page and moved dates to top of page.
• Brightspace Import update final calc grade to enrollment table for use in student finder search.
• Add new read only gradebook page to enrollment history link. This is controlled by permission so students can see read only version.
• Expand Status Code Listing Screen to Allow for 10 position Status Code.
• * Moved Both Degree Audit Requirement Copy Functions to Cafeweb.
• Degree Audit Requirement Entry Page Moved From Cafe to Cafeweb.


• Modify Clearing House Process to Set Program Start Date.
• Move Clearing House Review Report to SSRS.
• Add New Soft Credit Giving Report. - Create another copy of the Giving by Date Range SSRS report that includes the RPT_PEOPLE_FINDER_SET table as the primary table.
• Add an Option to Export PES Report Cleanly to Excel - Great, thanks for the update.
• add deposit date to admissions inquiry/applicant report.
• Break Admissions Inquiry/Applicant Report into 2 Reports - Extended and original versions.

System Level

• **Added Color Customization Page. Allows changing of colors and other look and feel variables for the user interface.
• **Added ability to view and update images, photos, CSS from web appearance and photo interface. Eliminates the need for Notepad to create and change files.
• add admissionsportal css file to appearance and photos interface - Available in build 2020.183. Files modified: DocAndPicUploadsPage.html DocAndPicUploadsPage.page DocAndPicUploadsPage.java
• Allow edit of permission record SYUSER from user search.
• "Custom Control/MSPARM PARTTIME, Seq 1, Parm 1 - Default part time code value on degree insert. Default F for Full Time. - Designate default PART TIME code for RGDEGR/FinAid when inserting a new degree. Default will be ""F"" if blank.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added USE_CHARGE, Seq 1, Parm 1 to activate new billing charges system. Default 'N'. - MSPARM - add USE_CHARGE-1-1 to activate new billing charges system. Default is N meaning use the existing BIMATR table. Y=use new BI_CHARGES.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - USEFADISB, Seq 1, Parm 2 added for resetting scheduled_date with release_date Y/N on COD disbursements. - Should releasing a disbursement for COD export be used to reset scheduled_date with the release date? Y/N
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added FA_BRANCH-1-1 to indicate multiple OPEID branches are used if 'Y'
• Custom Control/MSPARM FA_COA_KEY, Seq 1, Parms 1-4 -Added to specify key fields that are not required in Cost of Attendance. - MSPARM FA_COA_KEY-1 to allow specified Cost of Attendance PK fields to be optional or not on insert. For example: EXCLUDE MAJOR
• Custom Control/MSPARM FA_RULEKEY Seq 1, Parms 1-3 to specify which key fields are required in disbursement term rules.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added FA_ROUTE2, Seq 1, Parm 1 to activate optional 2nd routing config usage if 'Y'. - Add MSPARM - FA_ROUTE2-1-1 to activate optional 2nd routing config usage. Y/N? Default = N
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added FA_COA_KEY-1-5 to indicate Filter student site from Cost of Attendance - MSPARM add FA_COA_KEY-1-5 to filter student site from Cost of Attendance Y = true. Default="".
• Custom Control/MSPARM FA_PKGTERM, Seq 1, Parm 1 - "Y" will hide legacy FinAid rules and display new Term Rules. Default is N. - MSPARM FA_PKGTERM-1-1 - "Y" will hide legacy FinAid rules and display new Term Rules (see case 33605). Default=N/blank.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added TRANS_CEU-1-3 to hold actual label substitution text for transcript column label CREDS (credits). - Add MSPARM TRANS_CEU-1-3 to hold actual label substitution text for transcript column label CREDS (credits). Was hardcoded t
• If MSPARM ATTEND_VAL 1-7 is Y use view LAST_DATE_ATTENDED_RGENRL on Profile Page and Student Finder. If this parameter is Y, then the last date attended will come from the participation attendance in the enrollment table rather than from the attendance t
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added COUNSASSIG, Seq 1, Parm 1, to specify max batch size for counselor assignment update.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added SYUSPASS, Seq 1, Parm 5 to hold password prefix string to comply with complexity rules. - PASSWORD PREFIX STRING TO COMPLY WITH COMPLEXITY RULES
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Change parameter 6 to be days from inquiry date lead remains available for round robin counts assignment.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added AUTOCOUNSL, Seq 1, Parms 3-6 for Admissions Round Robin Counselor Assignment.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added Moodle, Seq 2, Parm 8 for authentication type setting for student account in Moodle & Moodlerooms.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added Moodle, Seq 1, Parm 10, Y indicates Brightspace integration. - Y=BRIGHTSPACE INTEGRATION (COURSE,ENROLLMENT,USER)
• Custom Control/MSPARM - CH_TITLEIV added to indicate only include students with Title IV Aid in clearinghouse. Default 'N'. - CH_TITLEIV - Default Value = 'N' (Already added to scanfile reserved) ONLY INCLUDE STUDENTS WHO HAVE RECEIVED TITLE IV AID.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added TRANS_DGEX-1-1 to hold comma-separated values of STPARM RZSTAT codes to exclude from transcript - MSParm TRANS_DGEX-1-1 -> comma-separated value String of STPARM RZSTAT codes to exclude from transcript.
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added GPA_DUPES, Seq 1, Parm 1, if Y to include dupes with passing grade in gpa and credits. - Add MSPARM GPA_DUPES-1-1 Y/N? Does non-failing dupe count its credits in gpa? Default=N. Context=GPA
• Custom Control/MSPARM - Added SEARCHBOX seq 1,parm 1 to determine label of searchbox. - DISPLAY NAME/ID SEARCH (Y/N) Y=search box label is "People Search by Name/ID", N="People Search by ID Number"


• Permissions/Restrictions - Added Permission 1232 to control access to the Color Customization Page - Permission 1232 Module:SY Container:Administration Short Desc: Color Customization Page Long Desc: NA Removes Access to the Color Customization Page
• Permissions/Restrictions - Added Permission 1239 to control access to batch update counselor from inq/app finder. - NA removes the ability to assign an admissions counselor from a group of prospects selected in the Inq/App Finder.
• Permission 1148 - No Access to this validator, will prevent error checking for course in session when attendance is taken.
• Permission 1147 - No Access will remove ability to override the course not in session error when taking attendance. - Override Course Not in Session error message
• Permissions/Restrictions 1224-1231 - Added to control access to Dashboards. - Add new dashboard called "Student Services" which is the same as Admissions for now. Add new dashboard called "Student Finance" which is the same as Admissions for now.
• Permissions/Restrictions 1201-1223 to control access to Profile Page for My Info and Student modules.
• Remove permission 1228.
• Phone columns on course roster now respects phone permissions.Confirmed the faculty does not see the phone numbers on their rosters anymore without this permission.
• Permissions/Restrictions - Added 1243 & 1244 to control access to the Tracking Save Filters and Grids respectively. - Filter and grid save states are being implemented for activity tracking, just like we have in people finder.
• Added Permission 1242 to Hide People/ID Search Box.
• Permission/Restriction 1199 - Added to control access to Person Selected Document Portal.
• Permission/Restriction - 1237 added to control access to last date of attendance on Profile Page.
• Permissions/Restrictions 1236 - Added to control Access to LMS export.


• STPARM: MNSCCD - DF system parm needed - STPARM: MNSCCD - "DF" description="Donor Advised Fund" A system parm needed for new Gift transaction soft credit type.
• STPARM - Added parameter C for Cancelled to parameter code FCPNCD. - STPARM FCPNCD add parameter C for Canceled. This will be common option for award that has been canceled rather than declined.
• STPAHD/STPARM - Added BCFANT for ninety ten field.
• STPARM - BCFASR Added for student refund flag. Blank allowed and 'Y' parameters added. - And also the parameter value for the last insert should be 'Y', not ''
• STPAHD/STPARM - Added FAPKGC 20a PACKAGE_CATEGORY for fin aid package categorization based on column rule_code - Add new STPAHD/STPARM "FAPKGC" 20a PACKAGE_CATEGORY for fin aid package categorization based on new column there called rule_code.

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