(MPN and Counseling) Financial Aid Document Portal
  • 21 Jul 2021
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(MPN and Counseling) Financial Aid Document Portal

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Financial Aid Document Portal (MPN and Entrance/Exit Counseling)

The Financial Aid Document Portal page allows a user to see uploaded MPN's and Entrance/Exit counseling files from COD.  Once uploaded, a user can also see a list of MPN's and Counseling for students with uploaded ISIR's from the base reports "FinAid MPN" and "FinAid ECounseling" reports.

Access to this page is controlled by Permission #1251.

Navigate to F/A Document Portal

  1. Use a person finder to select a student profile or navigate using the menu to Student Financials > F/A Doc Portal
  2. Click on the Financial Aid Tab
  3. Click on "F/A Doc Portal"

You can navigate to the "F/A Doc Portal" page from the menu from either "Student Financials" or from "Person Selected" 

If you do not have a person selected, and you use the link from "Student Financials" it will auto select the current user's account; you can still upload the documents from this page as it will upload all records for all students from this page.

Upload Documents

  1. Once you are on the F/A Doc Portal page then select the type of COD file you are going to upload.
  2. Choose the correct file type that has been downloaded from EdConnect and click "Import"
    • Note:Import process will import all students' records included in the file; not just the current selected student.
    • crpnXXop is usually MPN files
    • crecmyop is usually Counseling files
  3.  View Uploaded records

Edit or Manually Create MPN or EC Record

  • To Edit a record, click on the pencil tool next to the record and make adjustments to status, dates, link checkbox as necessary.
  • To delete a record, click on the "X" delete button
  • Once a MPN record is uploaded or manually created, you cannot change the MPN Id.
  • To manually create a record click the "Add" button

Review MPNs and EC 

To verify which students completed their Student Loan MPN or Entrance Counseling for the students with ISIR's on file, please review the "MPN or ECounseling Reports" in the Financial Aid Base Reports.

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