PLUS Packaging
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PLUS Packaging

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PLUS Loan Packaging

This documentation page aims to provide the steps to implement PLUS loans into your financial aid packaging processes. This process is newly released so please report any issues you may have found to

Set up Term Disbursement Rules

  1. To set up PLUS loans for packaging, awards must set up in the Disbursement Term Rules using the Packaging Award Type "DL-PLUS" when adding a new Term Rule. 
  2. Set up the disbursements' dates and year as instructed on the Disbursement Term Rules page.

Import PLUS Applications to F/A COD Documents

  1. Navigate to Financial Aid COD Documents from Student Financials Menu or Financial Aid Dashboard shortcut.
  2. Click on "PLUS Documents" Tab
  3. Click "Choose File" under the PLUS File Import section
  4. Select the "crspXXop" file from your EdConnect download folder and click "Upload" button
  5. Once the file successfully imports the grid will show the applications from the last imported file to review and the following fields:
    • The grid will show the Application ID that can be used to search for the application in COD, 
    • The corresponding document ID
    • Award year
    • Student ID (If the SSN matches a student's on file; if no match is found the words "Unmatched SSN" will show)
    • Student name
    • Borrower Name
    • Endorser Name (If applicable)
    • Approved Loan Amount (This amount is what will be used in the auto packaging process)
    • Endorser Amount (If applicable)
    • Credit Decision showing Approved or Denied (If Denied, the Application will not be used to package PLUS loans through the auto packaging process.)
    • Credit Decision and Expiration dates (If Credit Decision Expiration Date has passed, the application will not be used to package PLUS loans through the auto packaging process).
    • Max Loan Indicator (If Yes, the packaging process will packaging the PLUS loan up to the remaining Cost of Attendance)
    • Deferment Option Flag
    • Six Month Deferment Option Flag
    • School Credit Balance Option
    • Credit Balance Option (Who should receive the credit balance Student or Borrower)
    • Borrower Overpay Code (If Yes, then PLUS loan packaging will be blocked)
    • Loan Request Start and End Dates
    • Credit Requirements Met (If 'No' then PLUS loan packaging will be blocked)
  6. In order to see previously imported files, select a date range from the filters section and click "Filter"

Manually Adding

If an application filed in COD, but has not been received through a "crspXXop" file, then one can be manually created to package a student.

  1. Find the PLUS application in COD by using the PLUS search tool
  2. Click the "New" button from grid menu optionsFill out the Application ID and other appropriate fields as listed in COD on the application.
  3. Click "Create"

Editing Applications

  1. To make an edit to an application has been imported or manually added, select the checkbox next to the application and click "Edit Selected"
  2. Make any necessary adjustments
  3. Click "Update" to Save

F/A Packaging with PLUS

Once an application is received or created for a student PLUS awards can be created either manually or automatically through F/A Packaging

For PLUS loans to be auto packaged with other aid the following items need to be in place:

  • Disbursement Term Rules must be set up for the Financial Aid award year you are packaging for along with a corresponding PLUS Application for the same year
  • The PLUS loan application must have a matching SSN for the student
  • The application for the corresponding year must have an approved credit status
  • The application must not have not exceeded the credit approval expiration date
  • The borrower must not have an Overpay code on the application

Once all of the above are met, when the Packaging process is run the PLUS application will be linked to the ISIR revision used for packaging, and the award will be created for the student. The amount of the PLUS award will be determined either by the Approved Loan Amount field or the "Max Loan Indicator". If the Max Loan Indicator is checked, and the Loan Amount field is blank or $0, then the PLUS loan will be packaged up to the remaining Cost of Attendance.

Manually Selecting Application for students with Multiple Applications

In the case that a student has multiple PLUS applications imported or created in the system for a specific award year, you can select which Application to use for PLUS packaging by selecting the applicable PLUS Application ID from the ISIR Package Detail Page. This selection is located below the Cost of Attendance section.

Once the Primary Application ID has been used for auto packaging; if a second PLUS loan needs to be processed under a different Application ID (e.g. separated parent borrowers), then the Application ID can be set manually for the 2nd PLUS Award Code under the Award Detail Page.

Origination and Disbursement

Origination and Disbursement follows the same process as other COD awards.  It may not be necessary, but is recommended to send a separate file for PLUS origination and disbursements.

Check for Imported PLUS MPN on F/A COD Doc Portal

In order to verify that a PLUS loan is ready to be disbursed it may help to check the Financial Aid COD Document Portal for a valid PLUS MPN on file.

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