Post or Remove Transfer Credit
  • 15 Jul 2022
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Post or Remove Transfer Credit

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About Transfer Credit

Campus Café supports posting courses to a student transcript that the student earned elsewhere or the internal transferring of credit from one academic career (degree level) to another. The credit should be posted to the transfer semester. You may create additional semesters to hold transfer or test credit if needed.  There is a maximum of 26 transfer courses per transfer term.

Post External Courses

Please Note: In order to post transfer credits to a student's record, the student must have a degree program on file.

  1. Navigate to the individual to post credit
  2. Navigate to Person Selected > Enrollment History or click the Student Degree tab > Enrollment History
  3. Click Lookup Transfer School
  4. In the window that appears, locate the school that administered the incoming course and select it
  5.  In the Transfer Semester, choose 190101 – Transfer Semester (Your transfer semester code may differ)
  6. In the Original Course box, enter the original course code as taken at the prior school
  7. In the Target Course, select your institution’s equivalent course. Note that courses set as catalog inactive on the catalog semester will not appear in this drop down.
  8. If transferring in a course that already exists as a transfer, increase the section number by one, otherwise, leave blank.
  9. Click Add Transfer
  10. Complete the fields your institution requires. 

At a minimum, the following fields must be completed:

General - Include the number of credits to transfer and the degree level to which they apply. 

Grading - Select the transfer grade if one is not set as default in Quality Point Maintenance.

Please Note:  Orig Transfer Sem. is optional and represents the semester in which the student originally took the class at their previous institution. The list of semesters corresponds with the semesters configured in Campus Cafe (STParm SMDESC).

    11. Click Save

The selected school will persist on subsequent transfer credit postings, unless changed.

In the future, if an institution and original course code is entered, the original course title and credits will appear on the enrollment detail screen based on the most recent original course code and institution combination.

Post Internal Courses

An institution may utilize degree levels on student enrollments taken at the institution. The transcript can be configured to separate courses and reset the credit and GPA totals based on degree levels. To have a course appear on both levels, the transfer function can be used.

Follow the same procedure as posting an external course expect use your institution as the Transfer School. Whether you accept the original grade or use a special grade depends on your institution’s business process. If you accept the original grade, ensure that those grades are selected as “Transfer” grades on the Quality Points Maintenance table.

Remove Transfer Credit

To delete transfer credit and remove it entirely from the student's record:

  1. Navigate to the individual to post credit
  2. Navigate to Person Selected > Enrollment History or click the Student Degree tab > Enrollment History
  3. Next to the transfer credit to delete click the pencil icon
  4. Click the Delete button

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