Student Photos
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Student Photos

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About Student Photos

Campus Café can store photos of any individual in the system, including students, faculty, staff and alumni. 


Photos are viewable dependent on the user’s permissions.

  • #480 controls whether the link to display photos shows on a course roster
  • #506 controls whether the link to display photos shows in advisor mode
  • #507 and #1023 control whether the photo is shown on the profile through
  • #955 controls whether the link to display photos shows on a People Finder


Institutions can set the path where the photos are stored and the type of image (.jpg, .png, etc.) with the same, case-sensitive extension.  

  1. Navigate to Admin > Custom Control Maintenance
  2. Locate parameter IMAGE_BIOS
  3. Set Parameter Value 1 to “5”
  4. Set Parameter Value 2 to the file extension inclusive of the the period before the extension (e.g. .jpg) The file extension should be all lowercase
  5. Set Parameter Value 3 to the folder name or leave blank for default folder (e.g. inner-images)
  6. A reboot of the server (Tomcat) is required for this change to take effect. The server reboots automatically nightly.

Upload photos

All photos must be in the specified format and the file name must be the student’s ID number. We recommend square images not exceeding 500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall with a file size no larger than 3MB.

Permission 1232 is required to access this function.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Appearance and Student Photos
  2. Under Student Photos click Browse
  3. Choose one or more photos to upload
    Tip: To select multiple photos, click and hold the CTRL, SHIFT or Command key and select the photos
  4. Click Upload photos


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