Using the Knowledge Base
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Using the Knowledge Base

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Article Summary

About the Knowledge Base

The Campus Cafe Knowledge Base offers a collection of documentation, photos and videos related to the use of Campus Cafe. The documentation is continuously updated as the Campus Cafe product is updated.

Search the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is searchable using the search box on the Knowledge Base home page or the search box at the top of any screen.

Knowledge Base search box

Use the Table of Contents

A table of contents organized by functional area is available by clicking Documentation on the Knowledge Base home page or on the left of any Knowledge Base article.

Button to access the table of contents


Articles include information on the topic. Most are written as step-by-step directions. 

Many articles contain on the right their own table of contents. Clicking a specific topic will bring you to the specific location of that information in the article.

Articles may also contain at the bottom related articles or downloadable documents.

An article may be printed by clicking the Print link in the upper right. 

Readers may indicate if an article was helpful by clicking a thumbs up or thumbs down at the bottom of the article. Campus Cafe will use the feedback to improve its Knowledge Base.

Buttons to indicate if the article was helpful.

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